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He strokes her cheek, she protests, and then he grips her hand and won't let go and he gets a tray in the face from Josh, who then proceeds to whale on the guy, and I have to say that this room full of mercenaries is rather slow to react to one of their bosses being beaten up. Finally Josh is pulled off Lucas and held back so Lucas can start pounding on him, while Skye goes running out of the bar for help.

So all of the resistance is gathered in the lab while Durwin explains that the army has installed a new detection grid around the fence, so they're going to need a Phoenix access card to disable it. Skye comes running in to tell Jim about what's happening with Josh, which is that he's getting beaten like a piƱata, while -- and this is almost worse -- being lectured by the half-psycho Lucas about how he's been nothing if not generous in his treatment of them, but now he's going to have to make an example of Josh. That's when Jim storms in in berserker mode and manages to take down about 20 mercenaries before one of these terrible soldiers-for-hire thinks to pull a gun on him. "I have to say, sheriff, the limp, very convincing. My father would have been impressed. Did you have a good laugh about it, the last time you saw him?" Jim says he doesn't know what Lucas is talking about, but Lucas has him searched and finds a transponder. "So that's how my father always knew when and where to find us," he says, asking if Jim's been putting them on their vehicles. Jim volunteers nothing, and doesn't respond when Lucas screams at him, demanding to know where Taylor is. Then Lucas glances at Josh and says, "Maybe I can help you remember." He orders Josh taken to the brig, instead of beaten right there to get the information out of Jim immediately. That would have made more sense. And then Lucas just ships Jim off to the brig too, bringing us to the end of the first hour. Or, if you prefer, to the beginning of the end.

Daniel is a writer with a wife and daughter in Newfoundland. If no one gets eaten by a dinosaur during the season finale, he's going to write a strongly worded letter to FOX. Follow him on Twitter (@DanMacEachern) or email him at danieljdaniel@gmail.com.

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