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You Can't Handle the Proof

The next day, Jim and Taylor are planning to lie about the size of the fish they caught when they stumble upon a recently abandoned campsite, with some standard-issue Terra Nova gear. Taylor figures it's Curran: "Who else would be living out here on their own?" Taylor decides to send Jim back to Terra Nova; he's going to stick around for another day. Jim wonders if Taylor's had a change of heart, but that ain't happening, what with Curran having killed another soldier, Taylor points out. That just makes Jim worry that maybe Taylor's going to kill Curran. Taylor's not saying, one way or the other.

Elsewhere, Horton and Maddy are strolling through an orchard where every apple has been rendered inedible by blight. Maddy's bummed because Zoe has always dreamt of having apple pie. Horton's all, "Yeah, speaking of apple pie, did you remember to bring that letter?" He's practically Gollum-like as she gets it out, and he takes it while she fake-casually asks him a detail about an expedition, pretending to forget the name of Horton's colleague. He can't remember either, and starts to snap at her, before catching himself and saying, "Details become so jumbled. When you're my age, you'll understand." Anyway, he brings her to some sort of insect house, and he tells her he found a species of beetle that feed on the apple blight mould. He tells her to open it, and a swarm of phony looking beetles swarm out, looking again like this was supposed to be a very special 3D episode only everyone forgot to tell us. "In a few weeks, Zoe can have her pie," says Horton. Maddy looks unsure about what his deal is, but eventually smiles.

In the jungle, Taylor's tracking Curran -- as well as some big-ass dinosaur footprints.

Back at home, Maddy is now spilling her guts to Zoe about her concerns about Horton, but she sounds about ready to accept that maybe she's just expecting too much. Zoe offers up the possibility that he's a vampire, because her friend Nina said one came over in the last pilgrimage. Look, I went to a movie tonight and was subjected to a Breaking Dawn trailer, so I am in NO MOOD to hear about vampires.

Meanwhile, Josh is skulking around the house, and sneaks into his mom's lab coat and grabs her ID, just as she gets home, talking about having "xiph kebabs" for supper. He's late for work, though, and promises he'll have something to eat at the bar.

And the bar's not even OPEN, looks like, so nice alibi. Anyway, Boylan makes a copy of the ID -- assuring Josh that the ID info was stripped, so no one will know it was his mom's ID, which is kind of hilarious because wouldn't it be the identity information on the, you know, ID that provides the access? Boylan also hands over some sort of sonic pistol in case Josh runs into trouble, which of course he will. If someone shows up, one shot on the lowest setting, and the person won't even know his own name.

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