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You Can't Handle the Proof
At the infirmary, Willie's high as a kite on Azimeth and Elisabeth is examining him. She called in Jim to tell him about Willie's broken ribs and tissue damage consistent with a blast from a sonic pistol. Jim says he's going to have a look around Willie's place.

In the jungle, the Komodo makes its move, but Taylor scares it off by waving around a machete and a torch and calling it a coward. "Jesus, this guy's insane," hisses the Komodo before scuttling away. And when Curran wakes up the next day, Taylor gives him a map and orders him to infiltrate the Sixers. "You do it, Curran. Or the next time I track you down the last thing you're going to see alive will be my face."

And then shit really starts to get stupid. Maddy uses the Eye to find out that Horton had a research assistant who was the same age, height and build, and all mention of him stops just before Horton's pilgrimage. She also researches crimes around that time and discovers news of an unidentified dead male found in a park. "He didn't just steal his identity, he killed him," she says. And Horton's there, creepily telling her that this kind of reading material will give her nightmares. He's prevented from doing anything more than intimidating her when someone else comes in to use the Eye. Maddy doesn't ask this guy for help or anything -- she just runs out. And then she's chased through the market by Horton (who has to keep pretending to limp) and doesn't call for help, but just keeps running through a crowd of dozens of people.

We take a break from this ludicrous plot to visit Willie's house, where they've found just one empty bottle of Azimeth. Willie claims first to have used the rest (except he'd be in a coma) and then to have sold it. Under extraordinarily minor prodding (literally, with the butt end of a paintbrush by Jim) Willie folds and confesses him that Boylan wanted him to take the rap for it. Jesus, who else would it be? Jim and Wash should always just make Boylan's their first stop from now on.

Anyway, I guess because of the chase, Maddy's late to pick Zoe up? And despite the fact that she was ahead of Horton -- who has to pretend to limp -- he got there first and picked Zoe up? When this all settles out, I hope the teacher is replaced, especially with the slight attitude she gives Maddy, all, "I'm sorry... he said you knew." And then she doesn't appear to wonder why Maddy is all frantic about this and goes racing off to the orchards (not that Maddy tells her to get help or anything).

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