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Taylor's back now, so Jim has filled him in about the Sixers apparently being able to communicate with the future. Taylor figures it's Lucas. "The kid's a genius. The whole reason they recruited him was so they could figure out how to communicate with Hope Plaza between pilgrimages," he says. So wait... you immediately rejected Boylan's claim, despite the fact your genius son was recruited for just this purpose? Could the writers put down the crack pipe long enough to consider what these characters might actually say?

"If you're right, then at least there's a chance he's still alive," says Jim, adding that at least there's a slight chance of bringing him back home. Taylor says there is no chance, but doesn't answer when Jim asks why not. Instead he asks how things are between him and Josh -- they've been better. "Fathers and sons. Let me put it this way: maybe you should be grateful that the worst you have to worry about is your boy getting in over his head because of a girl," says Taylor. Yeah, uh, he used a gun and stole medicine and gave to outlaws via the colony's criminal con artist, which is a little more than "in over his head because of a girl," but Jim doesn't say that.

And then Maddy picks a huge ripe apple that apparently healed itself of all the rotting flesh after the magic beetles ate the surface blight. And she smiles because despite all odds, the Shannon children are somehow still alive.

Daniel is a writer with a wife and daughter in Newfoundland. At some point, Jim and Elisabeth need to cut their losses and just get some new kids. Follow him on Twitter (@DanMacEachern) or email him at danieljdaniel@gmail.com.

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