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Resistance Is Futile

So Shannon father and son are handcuffed to some red poles in the colony's brig, giving them a chance to bond over the fact that they're both prone to punching away their problems without much regret or realization to the fact that it's the punching that causes most of their problems in the first place. After all, Josh now realizes that his dad can't help being a rage-aholic, I guess. Lucas comes in, with the good news that he's letting Josh go -- Josh refuses to go, but then sees Skye's guilty face standing there, with Lucas saying that as much as he wanted to kill "young Shannon" he was persuaded not to. Josh is dragged out of the brig, hilariously warning Lucas not to hurt his dad. Lucas has other ideas, and he pulls out this long stun-gun-type device with electricity zapping between two prongs. He asks Jim where Taylor is, and again I'd like to point out that, implied Skye-sex or not, Lucas would be much more likely to get an answer out of Jim if he were turning the torture on Josh, with the added benefit that we'd get to watch Josh being tortured.

Over at the infirmary, Weaver's pissing and moaning about his big bug scratch as well as life in Terra Nova in general. He doesn't understand how these people tolerate it -- and I'm sure he can expect a lot of sympathy from the people he's more or less enslaved -- as the nurse injects him with an antihistamine. Then Elisabeth takes over and starts asking Weaver if he knows anything about the trichomonas sastre parasite, and she describes the excruciatingly painful deaths it causes. Weaver's a mite concerned about why she's asking, and she explains that he's just been injected with the larvae, and not the antihistamine he thought he was getting. She's got the cure, and the only way for him to get it is to help her get her husband out of the brig.

Back in the brig, Lucas is zapping Jim for information on where Taylor is, but Jim's not putting out. Instead he snarls things like, "What the hell did he do to make you hate him so much?" Jim asks what happened in Somalia, and Lucas tells this ridiculous story about how when the rebels took the city, they lined up all the civilians and let the enemy soldiers pick one family member to save, which is utterly ludicrous, and Taylor had to choose between his wife and his kid. Lucas figures the soldiers would have just executed him, but they "took their time" with his mom. Jim says the rebels made Taylor choose, and Lucas can't blame his father for that. "No, he blamed me," says Lucas, and gets back to the torturing, which is stopped when a sweaty Weaver comes in to tell Lucas that they found his father's camp and they've got an assault team ready to roll. Lucas bounces on out of there and orders Weaver to keep Jim alive. Which he will do, after a fashion, I suppose.

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