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Resistance Is Futile

Weaver and Jim somehow hobble their way through the guarded colony, searchlights everywhere, back to the Shannon household, where Weaver demands the cure from Elisabeth. She zaps him in the arm, at which point we find out that she never injected him with any parasites, but she just now did inject him with a sedative. Weaver's conked out -- Josh's assessment: "Mom, that was awesome" -- and the family Shannon is making its escape.

They sneak out and hide among the huge shipping containers the army has brought to cart the meteoric ore. Then the alarms go off, with Weaver's ruse having been discovered -- Lucas has brought soldiers back to the Shannons' place, where he discovers the idiot Weaver unconscious.

Elisabeth says Skye got a message through to Taylor and someone's going to meet them to escort them back to the camp, but they've got to make it to the tree line. Fortunately, Washington shows up with a controller to disable the new perimeter detection system that she stole off a drunken guard, so it's great that this new perimeter detection had zero impact on any kind of on-screen action. They've got five minutes to get through the fence before anyone notices that the system is down, so this is some kind of amazing new detection system that can have whole sections shut down by a single low-level guard without anyone noticing.

Jim points out that they'll trace the card to Washington so she's going to have to come with them, but she says that it's a hundred yards to the tree line, and they'll never make it unless someone distracts the guards. Given the way the colonists seem to be able to come and go at will -- how exactly did Skye get a message to Taylor and receive one back? -- that's a load of garbage, but they're trying to set up a poignant scene, I suppose. She asks them to tell Taylor something for her: "Remember Cu Lao Cham." Jim's confused (big stretch) because he doesn't know what that means. Well, it's not a message for you, Jim.

So Washington runs out, and moments later there's an explosion far enough away from where they are that I suspect Washington must have teleported over there, and with the soldiers' focus pulled to the chaos of the explosion, the Shannons head for the trees, Taylor and Dunham watching them.

Wash, meanwhile, has been caught by a couple of soldiers and -- while the family races to safety -- she's dragged to Lucas and forced to her knees. He tells her to tell her where the family's gone and he might let her live. He grabs a gun and, with Taylor watching from the trees, points it at her and tells her she's got three seconds to tell him.

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