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Resistance Is Futile

Taylor grabs a rifle and is about to get all shooty with it and Jim has to stop him, telling him it's suicide. So we watch as Washington simply tells Lucas that he has his father's eyes, and he shoots her and she crumples to the ground while a searchlight illuminates her nice and cinematically for the commercial break.

It's daylight when the crew arrives -- and given the infrared technology that we know the Phoenix group has and used JUST LAST EPISODE, I find it ludicrous that any of them made it out of there. And somehow the news of Washington's death has preceded them back to the resistance camp.

So the Shannons are going to get settled in, with Zoe being told by her dad that they're going to live here for a while until the bad men go away and they can go home again. Maddy, meanwhile, starts asking the soldiers about where she can find her hunky wunky boyfriend Mark. Riley tells her he's on patrol, and then is so moved by Maddy's disappointment over not getting to see her sweet baboo right this very second that she orders Dunham to go find Reynolds and take his shift. Don't worry about maintaining a disciplined watch -- love comes first, you guys!

Back at Terra Nova, Mira's returned from her trip to the Badlands with Weaver coming out to greet her and excitedly ask her how it went. She says it was good but she's more concerned about their end of the bargain being held up: she wants to get back to 2149 to see her daughter.

"When the terminus is repaired, your people are free to go," he says, brushing her off to go see what they brought back. Lucas strolls past and smirks at her, and then everyone stands around cinematically posed as Weaver pulls the tarp off -- something we don't get to see.

Back in the resistance camp following a scene in which Zoe hugs a brooding Taylor and tells him about what a "nice lady" Washington was -- so laden with sugar that I believe I now have diabetes -- Jim frets to Elisabeth about how many more people are going to die before this thing is over, what with the army bringing reinforcements and all, and she blathers on about the need for hope.

Jim goes to give Taylor Washington's message. He didn't do that already? Well, no, because then we wouldn't have been blessed with the icky scene of Jim stumbling upon his daughter playing tonsil hockey with Mark. The young couple gets understandably embarrassed and splits apart, with Mark decided he should probably get back to sentry duty.

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