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Resistance Is Futile

Anyway, the message from Washington has to do with a battle the two of them were in where they were really outnumbered and decided to blow up a bridge and trap them with the enemy rather than continuing to face more enemies or some damn thing. What it all amounts to is Taylor gets the idea to blow this new bridge -- meaning Hope Plaza -- and stopping any more soldiers and mining equipment from getting through. Jim points out that it would also cut them off from the future -- no new meds, no new technology, no more colonists, just a thousand people to restart civilization. Taylor says a thousand people is a good, round number, which appears to be all Jim needs to hear to agree to this cockamamie plan. "This is our home. If we have to cut ourselves off from the future to hold on to that home, then we'll just have to survive out here with what we've got," he says, like yeah, that's exactly what Taylor's saying. But good job convincing Taylor to go with his own idea. "We'll survive. But first let's kick some ass," says Taylor, and I can't believe such a well-written show like this is in danger of not coming back for a second season.

The next day, Weaver is lamenting their current inability to ship back to 2149 the three containers of meteoric ore they have just sitting there, but Lucas tells him Malcolm fixed the terminus so their employers will have it by nightfall. They toast each other, and they really need long mustaches to twirl while they cackle.

Then Skye comes in to tell Lucas that she thought about what Lucas said about his father never forgiving her, so she's thinking that maybe she's being loyal to the wrong side. We don't get to see Lucas's reaction to what is obviously a trick.

And now here's Elisabeth complaining about the plan that's apparently going to send Jim back to 2149, with him lecturing her on how they have to be prepared to fight for the life they want, which is apparently something she said to him earlier during a point when I must have fallen asleep.

Then Riley shows Jim how to rearm the pyrosonic, because I guess the plan is to blow up Hope Plaza and also kill as many innocent people as possible? Seriously, WHAT? The resistance has a rover all decked out to look exactly like the Phoenix group's equipment, but it all looks the same to me anyway. Anyway, Taylor tells everyone they're moving out in five minutes, and Elisabeth has some sort of huge syringe for Jim. He asks if it's enough, and she says it's enough to kill three normal men. Then he starts to give her a message to tell the kids but she does that thing on television where she refuses to let him say anything like that and tells him that he'll tell them himself when he comes back, because he will be coming back. Then they hug and look sad and pretty.

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