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Resistance Is Futile

Back at Terra Nova, Lucas's group is similarly ready to set out, and Skye manages to get the soldier escort out of Lucas's rover by pouting that three's a crowd. And then, after the convoy is motoring along through the jungle, she stares at him and then asks, "What if I told you I knew how to get in touch with your father?" So he pulls the rover aside while the rest of the convoy continues on. I think Skye really made a mistake by not saying, "...not that this is a trap or anything." I mean, she's practically doing everything but that.

So he radios ahead to the terminus to tell them he's going back to the colony, because he's got some new information about his father. Then he asks Skye if she's really ready to lure Taylor into an ambush, and she says yes -- "Well, the ambush part, anyway," at which point Reynolds and Dunham step out, guns drawn on the isn't-he-supposed-to-be-a-genius Lucas. They steal the tag from the cargo canister on the back of Lucas's rover and stick it on their own. And then for the life of me I can't figure why anyone thinks it's a good idea to leave Skye on her own to drive a trussed-up Lucas in the rover back to the camp. But that's what happens.

And then the rest of the plan involves Reynolds and Dunham swaggering around with the other Phoenix guys at the terminus, delivering the cargo from Lucas's rover, and we can see now that Jim is in the back, and there's a brief fakeout where the ID tag doesn't scan properly like OH NO and then it does like OH THAT WAS CLOSE and then they push the canister through the terminus, Jim putting on his gas mask. You know, for safety.

And he comes out the other side in the fairly impressive-looking futuristic setting, of 2149, and the canister gets loaded into place in a storage area, and then Weaver is welcoming three old greyhairs -- even a century and a half from now, evil old white men will still rule everything -- and starts talking about the two-way pipeline to the richest resources they've ever known.

Back in Terra Nova, Skye hasn't even been able to get the rover going because she doesn't know the code and she's having a hard time "jacking the starter" and meanwhile Lucas has figured out that his dad plans to blow up the terminus, and he chatters away while Skye is distracted by working on the rover and so doesn't notice him working away on the bonds around his wrists, until he's behind her and it's too late and he bashes her head against the hood of the rover.

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