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Then he can't get the damn thing going, and he tries radioing Hooper at the terminus, but the electrical interference is too strong and Hooper can't make out Lucas telling him that they need to get a message to Hope Plaza that it's under attack so they need to power down the terminus or risk losing it forever. Disgusted, he grabs a rifle and heads off on foot.

And now Malcolm, at the terminus, springs into -- well, "action" isn't quite the right word -- and presses a detonator that sets off a couple of sparking charges on the portal. Then he yells at Hooper and says the induction coils are blown, because his men must have damaged it when they moved it. And darn it, he's got to go all the way back to the colony to get the things he needs to fix it.

Nearby, Taylor and Elisabeth are watching, with Elisabeth fretting about where Jim's going to come back if the portal here is shut down, and Taylor reminds us again that he'll come out somewhere within three klicks of here.

Back in 2149, Weaver is still going on about the meteoric ore, and how the three canisters they've brought back contain thirty metric tonnes. Glad to see that America finally switched to metric! "Gentlemen, today you're rich. Tomorrow -- well, it's just gonna be stupid," he says. Too bad it's too late to put "It's just gonna be stupid" in the reviews for this show.

Of course, being evil old white men, being rich isn't enough, so they ask about whether they investigated the Badlands. Weaver says they did, and they can see for themselves what they found, and he moves to open up the canister that Jim's in, at which point he heads to the back of the canister, whips out the syringe and jams it into something -- which turns out to be a carnosaur that awakens, very angrily, and rather satisfyingly emerging from the canister, flattening one evil old white guy with his foot and eating another -- who rather ridiculously doesn't even look to see if the dinosaur's there but just asks Weaver if it's clear, with Weaver lying so the carnosaur will eat the guy while Weaver gets away. He runs screaming for security, and I have to wonder what kind of lousy security Hope Plaza has if it DOESN'T KNOW THERE'S A DINOSAUR STOMPING AROUND KILLING PEOPLE.

Meanwhile, Jim slips out from behind the inner back wall of the canister and starts setting up his pyrosonic in some dark recess of Hope Plaza but is interrupted by a few Phoenix guys, so it's gunfight at Hope Plaza!

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