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Resistance Is Futile

Then there's a flash in the jungle in Terra Nova, and Jim's back, and the dinosaur doesn't seem to have followed him through.

Skye helps Taylor to his feet, at which point they realize Lucas isn't there anymore. Lucas is either some kind of ninja, or Skye is just really terrible at noticing things happening right in front of her.

And this big to-do over how the fracture dumps you somewhere else, which had Elisabeth worried, turns out not to be a big deal, because Elisabeth and the search party find Jim instantly, and he's all, "Told you I'd be back," and then they start making out.

But we're not done yet. It's nighttime, and Mira shows up at the terminus, where she finds out from Hooper that Hope Plaza's been blown up. "We're stuck here. Forever," he says, and Mira stares into the middle distance, telling us that Mama Bear is going to have something to say about this, next season! You know, if there were going to be a next season.

Over in the resistance camp, everyone's sitting around moping about the terminus being closed for good, and the Shannon family plus Skye get to hog the campfire.

Then Dunham brings a comm to Taylor, recuperating from his physical and psychic wounds, telling him Boylan's on the other end. Boylan tells him that Phoenix picked up and moved out about fifteen minutes ago. But they're not after the refugees. They headed north, although he doesn't know why.

So the resistance trudges home -- presumably after Taylor sent someone on ahead to make sure Boylan didn't throw in with Phoenix and was leading them into a trap -- for a happy reunion with the rest of the colonists.

And soon Taylor's back on his deck, looking out over the colonists as they set about cleaning up the place. Jim comes up the steps to suck up over how it's good to see him back where he belongs. It's a mutual lovefest, because Taylor's pretty impressed with what Jim pulled back at Hope Plaza, which, again, seems to have included hundreds dead. Then Reynolds shows up to tell them that before the Phoenix convoy -- a dozen vehicles, a hundred men -- headed out of range, they were spotted going to the badlands. Jim remembers that the container they switched out had something Weaver brought back from the Badlands, so they all decide to go find what it was.

They open up the original Phoenix container, which has some large object wrapped in burlap. They uncover it -- it's a wooden statue of a woman, from the prow of a ship. Malcolm, who knows everything, says it's from the eighteenth century. "How did a ship from any century wind up in the Badlands?" asks Jim. I think the answer may be that the writers watched too much Lost? And now it's question time for everyone! Elisabeth wants to know how it got to this time period, Taylor wonders what else is waiting for them out in the Badlands, and Jim asks why Phoenix headed out there as soon as they were cut off from 2149? All good questions! Too bad we will never know the answers to them.

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