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Tears Are Fallin' and I Feel the Pain

At breakfast, Zoe's coloring on the transparent Etch A Sketch paper of the future past. Josh bitches about Maddy taking too long in the shower, and suggests trading her to the Sixers for Leah. Maddy's dressed Leah up today, but still hasn't run a comb through her hair. She tells her mom it's "baby steps." Most of the family has stuff to do, so an unhappy Josh is stuck babysitting Zoe and Leah. It's Maddy's first day apprenticing with her mom at the infirmary. But the first patient's bloody arm disgusts her, so my guess is her future probably won't be in medicine

Taylor fills Jim in on Washington's mission this morning to track down Leah's bag, and asks Jim when they can debrief Leah. Jim thinks it's too soon, but Taylor's eager. Just then, security breach sirens blare as a bunch of Sixers drive up in armored trucks. They throw Washington and the other prisoner out, and then Mira makes her slow, dramatic entrance. Taylor assumes the Sixers' inside man tipped them that the girl's here. Taylor heads out to talk to Mira, who thinks the girl's being held as a prisoner. She tells him she'll give his people back when he gives her the girl. Taylor says the girl will decide whether to go or stay, and he'll bring her out to decide as soon the Sixers release the Terra Novanians. Mira lets them go, and Jim brings Leah out, whispering to her that it will be okay if she just tells the truth.

Mira asks Leah -- whose hair looks miraculously combed (maybe Josh is a better babysitter than I thought) -- to tell them she wants to come home. Leah says she ran away and wants to stay here. Mira says they can keep her then. "She's nothing to me." As Mira and the Sixers walk away with their tails between their legs, Taylor says that this is the second time they've come to the gates to fight. If they do it again, he's ready to go to war. Well, four weeks in and it's already happened twice? I sense a war coming on, folks.

Taylor tells Jim he wants to find out who their spy is, which means he needs a list of everyone who's been outside the gates in the past twenty-four hours. Taylor turns to Leah then, and tells her she was brave and not even afraid. She seems to warm up to him a little as he points out that people are happy here in Terra Nova, and no one gets scraps. She says she doesn't like scraps, and she doesn't like how often they move either. Taylor asks her if she can read a map, and it just so happens she's a junior cartographer. She agrees to show him where the Sixer camp is at some point soon, then he leaves her with Jim. As they stroll through town, everyone makes nice, welcoming her back to Terra Nova. The Shannons toast to her over dinner that night, too, but Leah still won't let Elisabeth comb her hair.

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