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Tears Are Fallin' and I Feel the Pain

At home, Josh is glad to have his room back, Maddy's pouting about her fear of pus and blood, and Jim and Elisabeth question themselves for not being better judges of character. Josh finds a scribbled "I'm sorry. I had to." note with a crying frowny face on it, though, which turns everything around. Obviously, she wouldn't lie IN WRITING. So the Shannons now firmly believe her brother's in trouble.

Maddy's shopping at the Flintstone farmers market when Mark approaches her nervously to "declare his intentions" to court her. She's all, "You mean, like date?" She asks why he didn't just say that, but he says the commander requires him to do it this certain way. Because, I guess, people used to do it this way. Or they will in the future. Or whatever. Confusing time-traveling show. She agrees to let him court her, saying, "because I was just having the worst day ever." You know, because if she'd had a good day, she might have said no. They walk off arm in arm. In the daylight.

But it's pitch black in the woods, where Jim's speeding away on a motorcycle. He stops it and heads out on foot for about two seconds before being captured by one of those traps that gets your legs and leaves you hanging upside-down from a tree. Which is the perfect time for a dinosaur to approach. Lucky for Jim, it's a little guy and can't jump quite high enough to eat him. Also lucky: Someone shoots the dinosaur. Less lucky is it's a group of Sixers. And they knock him out. When he wakes up, Mira wants to know if Taylor sent him. He says he just came for Leah's brother, so Mira didn't hurt her. Mira says he was never in danger; she just needed to motivate Leah to do what Mira knew she could. He asks what's in the box anyway, but Mira's not talking.

Mira and Jim continue to make small talk -- about the fact that they're living in the canopy, about Taylor valuing Jim, about who her spy might be (or whether she's just psychic), about Jim saving Taylor's life, about Mira being glad he did because Taylor would have been a martyr if he'd died then, making her job harder. Which gets us to the real meat of the matter: Mira says Taylor's pissed off some powerful people in 2149 who want him gone. Jim says Taylor is the reason Terra Nova's survived and people get to start over, but Mira says starting over is never what Terra Nova's been about. Jim asks what it is about then, but she just replies, "You'll see." She tells him not to end up on the wrong side of history because, sooner or later, she'll take Taylor down. Because she wants to see her daughter, Sienna, again. She's back in 2149, and was four when Mira left. If she does her job, she gets to see her again. Jim asks who "they" are, but Mira just frees him back to Taylor. Why on earth would she ever give Taylor's right-hand man that much information about her mission? It makes absolutely no sense, because you have to expect he'd take that information right back to his boss.

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