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Tears Are Fallin' and I Feel the Pain

When Jim gets back to Terra Nova, he has a little boy with him. He takes him straight to Leah, who gleefully hugs her brother Sam. Taylor says he should discipline Jim, but he's going to let it go since he brought the boy back and Terra Nova's grown by two. Taylor does wonder why Mira let Jim and the boy go, though, and Jim tells him she might be trying to prove the Sixers aren't all bad, which Jim says he might buy if they hadn't busted up his ribs. Taylor gives Jim an opening to spill everything Mira said, but all Jim tells him is that Mira's no fan of his. Taylor says he'd sure like to know what's in the box Mira sent Leah to steal, then tells Jim to go home and let his wife know he's okay.

At the infirmary, Elisabeth bandages and stitches Jim up, and they kiss a little bit. Then they discuss the nice new family they've found for Leah and Sam. He wonders where Maddy is, so Elisabeth tells him about her lack of success in medicine. Why was that even a storyline?

Taylor gives the mystery box to Malcolm, who hasn't the foggiest idea how to open it. Taylor asks him to keep it safe, please, and Malcolm puts it in some automatic locking shelf. Slightly ominous music tells us it's probably not safe there, however.

As Jim and Elisabeth head home, they have a final hug and farewell with Leah, who I'm guessing we'll never see again.

Next week: Someone at Terra Nova is killed by a dinosaur, but Jim declares it murder. And someone's going to be banished over it. I'm guessing it won't be much less confusing when it's expanded to an hour.

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, thinks the writers should focus on the A plot instead of eleventy B plots per episode. You can contact her at twopmodmars@gmail.com.

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