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A Spy in the House of Duh
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Terra Nova's got a great big convoy -- well, three rovers and a couple of motorcycles -- heading out into the jungle, while we get an extra-special dragonfly-eye view... a dragonfly that's actually some sort of robot that returns to Mira. "What have you got for me today?" she asks, after it lands on her arm.

Taylor's interrogating Boylan about what information he's been feeding the Sixers. Boylan says it's just a strict medical-supplies-for-money arrangement, and he hasn't told them anything. Taylor's not buying it, and he's not going to let Boylan rest until he starts talking. I mean, he pretends to suggest Boylan get some rest, but then he flips on the sirens so that Boylan can't sleep. I'm not sure that would work on me, but I also don't think I'm that hard to crack. "Daniel, tell us what you told the Sixers or I'll put on this CD by Lady Antebel--" "OH GOD I'LL TELL YOU EVERYTHING."

Over at the Shannon family homestead, the happy clan are all painting lanterns for the "Harvest Festival," which you're thinking is some kind of Terra Nova Thanksgiving, only it actually commemorates the day that "Commander Taylor" came through the portal, which is starting to get a little messianic. And then it's even worse when you find out there's some play about it, and Zoe, for some reason, is going to play Taylor, complete with burlap beard.

Josh -- who has been grounded for that whole "stealing medicine to give to the Sixers" thing, and he's lucky he wasn't banished -- wants to talk to his dad in private about Boylan. No one's heard from him for since the bar's been closed, and Jim says Boylan's been "detained" and Josh asks if he's being interrogated and Jim characterizes it as being questioned -- like how much of a fascist is Jim anyway? -- and Josh insists that Boylan just had a business arrangement, nothing more. Because of his guilt over his own involvement, he just wants his dad to check and see how Boylan's doing. "I'll see what I can do," says Jim.

So Taylor's seeing off another patrol -- which involves Mark, Maddy's idiot boyfriend -- when Jim strolls up to casually ask about Boylan being locked up in Taylor's compound for two days straight, which Taylor calls "standard interrogation procedure." Even TAYLOR calls it an interrogation, so I don't know why Jim is being such an apologist. Jim asks if he's making any progress, and Taylor invites him to have a look for himself.

Boylan's sweaty and singing softly to himself, having lost his mind over whatever Taylor admits to having spiked his food with, but he still hasn't divulged how he's been communicating with the Sixers. And despite being a hard-ass with his son, Jim's a little more skeptical with Taylor, pointing out that Boylan did shoot a Sixer, although I can't believe Taylor hasn't considered the possibility that Boylan did that to cover up the extent of his involvement. Jim's a little creeped out -- although I don't know how he could be surprised -- at the extent of Taylor's ruthlessness. But before Taylor can put on "Stuck in the Middle With You" and slice off Boylan's ear -- see, Taylor also wants to know where his son is -- Washington comes in to say there's some sort of problem with the power grid at the new housing development, so Taylor leaves. Jim stays behind, on the pretext of giving Boylan some water to "flush out his system," and the delirious prisoner starts babbling about how it's buried right where he left it, at Pilgrim's Tree, and that he's going to tell the whole world. "And it's all over for you, Taylor," he says.

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