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We're in a lonely outpost where a man is on the floor spouting gibberish and chasing an iridescent green beetle around a lab. He follows it outside, past a lab where we hear muffled yells and cries. Outside, he seems surprised and amazed by the jungle -- and by the huge dinosaur that sizes him up like he's a hot wing. One snap of the dinosaur's mouth -- well, we don't see what happens, but I do kinda wish that every episode opened with someone being eaten by a dinosaur. Not for real! Just for pretend, on the show.

So: Elizabeth has to head out to an outpost where the research team hasn't been heard from in 72 hours. Jim's worried, she's not, but he's mainly being a dink because Mark is "coming a-courting" tonight for Maddie and Elizabeth thinks it's sweet even though he thinks it's weird. Just before she gets in the rover with Taylor, she realizes that she took her wedding ring off before surgery and left it at work, and asks him to pick it up for her. And they're off, with Jim feeling like he has a small penis because Malcolm -- chief science officer and former Elizabeth-boner -- has his own rover and he doesn't. Come on, he's been there what, a week? And he's already sheriff. It usually takes me ages just to get new business cards.

When the team arrives at the outpost, the gate is open, even though it shouldn't be. There's also evidence of ovisaurs chewing on the power cable, so the team moves in, weapons leveled. They find the lab in disarray, and Elizabeth finds notes that say: "Do not leave the building!" and "This is NOT a dream!" and "Renew Sports Illustrated subscription!" They also find a room with two delirious people strapped down as well as a woman who describes running through a snowstorm to get there. She asks Elizabeth if she's with the Red Cross. "I guess I must have missed the blizzard," says Taylor, but Elizabeth says the woman seems to think she's in Detroit in October 2137, coldest winter on record, with food riots, and she has no idea she's on Terra Nova. Elizabeth figure she's got some kind of dissociative disorder and the other two who are strapped down are more advanced. She also finds the video log of the guy who got eaten by the dinosaur at the beginning. He's the head researcher there, and he's describing pathogens causing the loss of short- and long-term memory. He knows he has to tell someone about the pathogen, but can't remember who. Taylor sends men out to find the scientist, and wants to know if they've been exposed and if Elizabeth can fix it. The answers are "probably" and "I'll try."

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