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Looks like the station scientists were experimenting with gene therapy, not a pathogen. Malcolm says that would have to go through him, which means someone's trying to hide it from him. Malcolm decides to start hitting on Elizabeth, suddenly regressing back to university himself, and Jim has recovered in time to pull Malcolm off her and is only prevented from killing Malcolm by Elizabeth screaming that Malcolm is infected. He tells them about Taylor losing his mind only they can't very well get in touch with Terra Nova to warn them, because the communication system is down. Plus their computers use a RIDICULOUS font that looks almost like hieroglyphics, which has to be great for efficiency. Also, why isn't Jim infected? Malcolm and Jim were both exposed at the same time, and anyone who has seen a television show before knows now why Jim's sneezing has been emphasized.

Jim wants to bring Brady into the infirmary so Elizabeth can check him out, and then decides to bring Malcolm so that he and Elizabeth don't wind up having sex.

Back in Terra Nova, Mark shows up at the Shannon household and Maddie has forgotten about the second date, which Maddie assumed he knew was cancelled because her parents are missing. That's actually why he came to see if she's all right. She's freaking out a little, worried that maybe the Sixers got her parents, but dingbat Mark says it wasn't the Sixers, so his new girlfriend starts pressing him for information.

Meanwhile, Taylor's tootling across the jungle in some sort of motorcycle ATV thing, and gets a kick out of the huge dinosaur crossing his path. "No way," he says, and then drives BETWEEN ITS LEGS. Taylor probably shaves with a samurai sword.

Jim and Malcolm are moving Brady's body, with Jim giving Malcolm crap for flashing back to his university days (essentially, "How dare you get this apparently highly contagious pathogen! Or gene therapy or whatever"). Malcolm then flashes back again and has no idea who Jim is, and then they narrowly avoid getting eaten by an ovisaur crawling down a hole. They bolt for a nearby room with a door, leaving poor Brady

"Those are the ugliest dogs I've ever seen," says Malcolm, who then hopes that the dinosaur will eat Brady and leave them alone. Instead, Jim chops the power lines inside the room, causing the (apparently liquid?) nickel to come spraying out, driving the ovisaur crazy, so they open the door and the dinosaur charges past them to get at the nickel. They close the door behind them, and then Malcolm freaks out a little bit so Jim punches him in the face, knocking him out cold.

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