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Great idea, asshole! Except Elizabeth could use his help to find a way to combat the gene therapy, and Jim gives her a pep talk that makes her feel like they already knew each other, and are more than just acquaintances, but also friends. Now you're getting somewhere!

So they start going through the staff's files to find out who was doing the gene therapy to try to figure out how to counteract it. Jim says he's learned a few things about computer hacking from Maddie his daughter, and so Elizabeth asks if he's married as well, and Jim is all, "It's complicated." "Isn't it always," she agrees.

Taylor's made his way to Terra Nova, and then smears some mud on his face -- the better to hunt man, the most dangerous game! And I know Taylor's a badass, but he still manages to sneak into the compound rather easily.

Back at the outpost, Jim's found the files of Dr. Douglas Joslyn, whose medical file reveals he has the gene for Gorman's disease, which is like Alzheimer's but worse. So he was likely looking for a cure by manipulating the memory gene but wound up blocking the neural pathways and blah-blah-blah instead. The virus was just the delivery system. Elizabeth is starting to freak out because she's had the disease for thirty-nine hours and catatonia can happen as early as thirty-six hours. So we work fast, says Jim, rather sensibly.

Elizabeth then finds some of her own notes: names written down on this translucent stuff people appear to use for paper here. "If I wrote them down it must be because they're important to me and I was afraid I was going to forget," she says. And this is how I learn they're spelling it Maddy! "That's your daughter's name," she says. Then she finds Zoe, and then Jim. "Your husband," he says. And hey, he's got her ring! She doesn't remember, but he says he will. "What happens if we both forget?" she says, and he tells her that what he feels for her is more than just a memory. You hear that? Jim's love is too strong to be affected by viral gene therapy! Also, by implication, he's saying Elizabeth's love isn't as strong. Anyway, he's not infected, and Elizabeth is again wondering way not, so he sneezes out gets out the root Malcolm gave him to chew on, so Elizabeth figures it must have some medicinal quality that's protecting him.

Back at Terra Nova, Maddy and Mark are going to see Lieut. Washington to find out what's going on with her parents. Zoe's been left alone (but with a couple of guards posted to the house, even though Mark doesn't want Maddy saying anything about that because he really doesn't have permission to do that).

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