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Over at the market, Maddy is presenting a whole lot of junk to Casey Durwin, who is the legless bartering dude. He doesn't have any use for her frilly green scarf, old teddy bear and abacus. She collects them, but this is the only one she brought with her. (I find it amazing that out of everything she might take with her in a backpack knowing she was never going to see her home again, she couldn't find anything more important than an abacus.) She argues with him about how one man's trash is another man's treasure, but he tells her that what she needs is to find something that the other person can't live without. He says this just as we see his wheelchair has a bum wheel, so we know where this is going. She asks him if he would bargain for a new wheel, and he says that then they could talk. I would just like to know what kind of Colony of Assholes can't help out the only guy in a wheelchair by fixing his flat tire for him.

Skye goes to visit Lucas in his tent, covered with papers of equations, like a pre-electronic age Beautiful Mind. He calls her "Bucket" and asks her if it worked and does his own plugging-in whatever and starts creepily muttering about how he's so close, in a very brain-addled mad scientist kind of way. Skye says she recognizes the equations from the falls, but she never told Taylor because the area's off-limits. Lucas says their relationship is Shakespearean and like a Greek tragedy and I think he may have said those so the show can sneak a "Shakespearean!" into its print ads. She asks if he's always hated his dad. He hasn't always -- just since August 2138. "What happened then?" she asks. "Ask him yourself," he says. He's similarly unforthcoming when she asks what happens after the portal opens both ways, just shooing her out of his tent.

In Security HQ, Washington waves Jim over to watch Skye sneaking out of Terra Nova, which hits Jim so hard that he closes his eyes and lowers his head. How did she not crack under his rigorous interrogation? She wants to notify Taylor, and he tells her that he wants to "double-check something" first, but he doesn't say what. If I'm Washington, I think I'd say, "Yeaaaahhhh, I'm just going to go ahead and tell Taylor."

Jim goes home to ask Josh, currently Jack Johnsoning out on his plywood guitar, "You weren't with Skye last Thursday, were you." Well, it's not a question as much as a statement of fact. Josh hangs his head and admits he wasn't, but says she asked him to say he was. But he doesn't know why it matters: "I thought you were looking for a Sixer spy," he says. Yeah, see, Josh, this is why your chess-at-dawn lie wasn't the greatest idea. "Josh, you're my son, and I love you very much. But don't lie to me again," says Jim, like up until now Josh has been Mr. Teenage Honesty. Then Jim takes the plywood guitar and grounds Josh, which is both a punishment for him and a reward for everyone else. Elisabeth, who is barely in this episode despite being the most beautiful thing on screen apart from dinosaurs eating people (which also doesn't happen this episode) asks what's going on and Jim says he found the Sixer mole, and Josh has been helping her cover her tracks. Well, when he puts it that way, I think grounding plus guitar confiscation is actually a little lenient.

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