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Taylor looks gutted by the news, but Jim says he's been going over her whereabouts and is sure. "I got a man inside the Sixer camp," says Taylor. It's Curran. Taylor says he'll get a message to see if Curran can confirm it's her. Jim seems surprised by the news of Curran's embedding with the Sixers. "After I banished him, I thought I'd make us of him, give him a chance to earn his way back to the community," explains Taylor. Uh, did it occur to Taylor, if he can communicate with Curran, to ask, "So, who from the colony keeps dropping in to provide intel?" Anyway, Jim wants to go round Skye up, but Taylor says he has a better idea.

Skye plays chess with Taylor. "Your mind's not on the game," he says, so she of course quickly makes a good move. Mark drops by and Taylor asks for details on the supply convoy that's almost ready to leave, and Mark lays out the details while Skye does her best to appear not to be listening. Taylor wants a gunner for himself. "I'll run point on this one myself," he says, and then moves a piece on the chessboard. "Your move," he says to Skye, and stares intently at her. You practically expect him to add, "...in more ways than one."

As Mark comes down from Taylor's tower, Maddy comes running up to him to tell him she needs his help getting a wheel so she can get the promethium core, and this whole plotline is ridiculous and pointless, but you'll be thrilled to know he offers to help!

On the security camera feed, Jim and Taylor watch Skye leave through the drainage ditch, and they lay out the plan that the convoy is actually a trap for Mira and the Sixers, just in case everyone watching is a moron. Although I suppose that if you're still watching this show they may have a point. Taylor and Jim lock and load and prepare for Mira to attack. "We'll bring her in if we can, but one way or another, this is going to end," says Taylor. He looks pretty pissed. Usually the thought of killing things gives him an erection.

So! They gotta great big convoy! Jim's got a team of soldiers hiding on the hills, covering the convoy in Devil's Canyon, but there's no sign of the Sixers. And the brief moment of tension when they think the Sixers are arriving dissipates when it turns out to just be a pair of diplodocus. Diplodoci? Whatever, I'm probably wrong on whether they're diplodocuses anyway. Brachiosauruses?

After hours waiting with no sign of the Sixers, Taylor's pissed and blames Jim. "I think they spotted you and your team," he says, but Jim just figures Skye didn't tell them about the convoy. Taylor's skeptical, but Jim points out that the Sixers have never found their weapons caches or even done any real damage on important raids. "She's giving them intel but nothing that would actually hurt the colony," he says, with Taylor wondering, reasonably, why she gives them anything at all. Jim thinks they're holding something over her.

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