All Bite

by Angel Cohn September 9, 2010
Fall Pilot Season: Terriers

Hank heads outside to face the music ("why do stars fall down from the sky... every time... you walk by") and Gretchen informs him that he looks terrible. He blames it on his Pilates instructor dying. OK, Hank is slowly becoming my hero, even with his schlubby plaid shirt and his scruffy hair. He may appear down on his luck, but he hasn't lost his sense of humor. He wants to know how she found him, but he's quite the creature of habit. He starts apologizing for writing the wrong month on his alimony check, and she sweetly smiles that she was flattered that he got the year right. She doesn't really care about the cash (red flag!) she's there because his old pal Mickey called from the police station. He was hoping that Hank had friends on the force that could help him out and Gretchen, being the kindhearted soul that she clearly is, didn't have the heart to set the poor guy (who was drunk and disorderly and arrested with a gun) straight, but she would really like it if Hank would maybe send out a mass email or something to his booze-loving pals so that they'd stop calling her all the time, since they haven't lived together in a year. Just as Hank's about to run off to help Mickey, Gretchen drops the bombshell that she's putting the house up for sale. She thinks it is time and she needs a change, and she waited until the day of the first open house to let Hank know. Given how he's clearly still in denial about the demise of this relationship, that was probably a wise move on her part.

They drive around San Diego and Britt tries to console his buddy (while petting their cute canine charge) by saying that Gretchen looks good and that divorce becomes her. Hank says that later they can talk about something really painful that happened to him and that still hurts to think about. See, told you that Hank was in denial about the divorce. At the police station, Britt wants to know how Hank knows Mickey... they trained for triathlons together. He's quick with the comebacks, that Hank. I like his deflection tactics, but Britt puts together that Hank got clean and Mickey didn't. He also surmises that Hank was probably more fun as a drunk and wishes that he knew him back them. Me too! Britt, we're going to get along famously.

Mickey stumbles out in a Hawaiian shirt and immediately makes the boys hit the liquor store before explaining how he ended up in the slammer. Apparently, Mick's daughter Eleanor called him the day prior out of the blue and said that she was in trouble (but not the pregnant kind) and needed money. She also wanted the .38 he had. He was on his way to help her when he got picked up by the cops. He begs Hank to find his little girl (according to Mickey, that's what Hank does) and to give her the money and to explain that he tried. Mickey breaks down crying and hopes his girl is safe.

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