All Bite

by Angel Cohn September 9, 2010
Fall Pilot Season: Terriers

The next AM, Hank and Britt meet up at Hank's and he fills Britt in on how the video really shows that Lindus is a total crook, making a shady business deal. The big development he's working on isn't even really happening. Eleanor changes in front of both of them, as Britt informs them both that Lindus has goons out in front of their place. Hank hides Ellie in the truck and takes off, as she freaks that they are getting paid by Lindus to find her. Hank explains the difference between working for him and getting paid by him, as Britt follows their tail on his motorcycle.

At Hank's very pregnant lawyer's office, she watches the video and informs them that their best bet is to dump the cell phone and for Eleanor to head south of the border, because this case is way too big for them and Eleanor has definitely been framed. On the plus side, she does offer the boys some work spying on a cheating husband, and she tells Eleanor that she photographs well, so she's not all doom and gloom.

In the parking lot, the trio get jumped by some guys and set off a lot of car alarms in the process. Somehow they manage to overtake the guys with guns with the help of some scrappy street fighting and using their car and a fire extinguisher as a weapon (I give these guys a lot of credit. They are very resourceful). They head to the train station, where they help Eleanor take off to Catalina and Hank advises her to talk to a friend of his and get in a rehab program. They promise her they'll straighten things out for her down here and then she can come back. She asks for the gun, they tell her she's an idiot because it is a murder weapon. Then she asks if they want to come because their lives seem to suck, which is actually quite astute. After she gets on the train, Britt wonders who is going to rescue them.

At the diner Hank meets Gretchen, explaining his wounds as the result of a scuffle with some Little Leaguers. She says she's not pissed about the house anymore, but he apologizes anyway. He says he wanted to change his life and he got carried away and he will retract the bid if she wants. She says it is fine so long as he isn't trying to buy it for her in hopes they'll get back together... because she's getting married again. This summer. To an architect that she's been dating for six months. He keeps it together and congratulates her as she jokes that he won't have to pay alimony any longer. He looks absolutely heartbroken. It's sad, really.

While Hank is getting socked in the stomach by his ex's announcement, Katie and Britt are sitting around discussing her midterm. He asks her on a proper date, that he'll pay for and everything. They head to a fancy restaurant, and once he assures her that they can afford it, he says that he wants them to get a dog together. To her credit, she looks happy instead of ticked off. He wants a bulldog, and continues that they could go to the pound and pick it out together, and he knows it isn't a baby, but it is a gateway to responsibility. She's pleased and wonders what came over him during the course of one day. He thanks her, just for everything.

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