All Bite

by Angel Cohn September 9, 2010
Fall Pilot Season: Terriers

Hank is at a liquor store staring at the wall of booze, like only a recovering alcoholic can, then orders a box of Johnny Walker blue label and some cigarette holders, which he brings to his old partner and says that he brought him gifts, basically to cushion the fact that he sent Eleanor on a train out of town. He explains that Eleanor is the victim, and that Robert Lindus is the person behind the homicide, and that Robert is rotten. Mark won't raid his house without probable cause and he preferred when Hank was just a slug. A cop comes out and says that Hank's old pal Mickey has just turned up dead.

As Katie and Britt leave the restaurant, he takes their old linens -- he's doing laundry for a week in trade for food. Clever boy, that Britt, and Hank says that he's not a thinker.

Mickey's death was an OD from heroin. Hank knows that Mickey might be a drunk, but he'd never OD this way, and that it had to be someone killing Mickey as retaliation for Eleanor up and leaving. Mark says he knows it is one of his pals, but that doesn't mean that Mickey's death was a homicide.

Hank and Britt decided to head to the site of Lindus's development, where the goons from the garage are standing guard and Robert apologizes for the "mix-up" with his guys this afternoon and says he hopes no one was injured. Asshole. Britt produces the cell phone, with the "sensitive item" that he wanted. Britt says that they "lost" Eleanor and that she was probably south of the border. Robert shrugs it off, gives them their 20 grand and 10 more as a retainer so that a copy of the video doesn't turn up. Hank sits sullenly and Robert inquires as to why. Hank says that Eleanor's dad turned up dead and Robert says he's sorry. Hank doesn't buy it and says that he thinks the goons standing guard are responsible for the heroin OD. He then continues on that he is going to destroy Lindus, when before the murder he would have just let it go, so now it is personal. Lindus doesn't even flinch. Britt says that he's still taking his money.

Once back in their truck, Britt says he hopes that Hank has a plan. A smiling Hank pulls the murder weapon out of the glove box and says simply, "Cheat." Britt sneaks into Robert's house, places the weapon and the next morning the cops show up with a warrant to search the house for a cell phone that was taken from a murder scene that Lindus purchased the night before.

Outside in the truck Hank asks Britt for a thousand dollars because he's tired of the drapes in his living room. When Britt informs Hank he doesn't have a living room in his dumpy apartment, Hank says that the window treatments are for his new place. This is juxtaposed by Mark finding the murder weapon in Lindus's desk drawer. Robert wants his lawyer, and Mark says he can call him from the precinct and makes the other officers cuff Lindus. As Lindus is being driven off in a cop car, the two discuss back waxing and how Lindus is going to come after them with all the power that someone of his stature in the community can wield. Hank just smirks. And with that, we have the setup for what looks to be an engaging, well-crafted, fast-paced, smartly written and often amusing show. Even if it means that I have strains of Burt Bacharach still running through my head.

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