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The Year Of Lying Dangerously

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How do you say "sucks" in Indonesian?

Patton's Playground. Patton's got some aerial photos up on the big screen, and he's telling Jeanie and Rocky that the Big Bad Jakartan Governor has created military installations within his compound. Jeanie makes a comment that Big Bad is expanding his operations. Rocky wants to know where Big Bad is getting the money. There's another good solid waste of my time here while the merry trio paces back and forth across the screen and tries to figure out how Big Bad is getting the money. I think they eventually conclude that some mining company is paying Big Bad so they can run the current main mining company, RDL, into the ground. Whatever. Patton thinks they need to prove this to the Jakartan government. Rocky thinks that they need to get the trainee as close to Big Bad as possible. Jeanie thinks she should have looked more closely at her ER contract for a return clause.

The Body Farm. Poca's shooting the shit out of one of those paper target thingies. She turns to Billy, hovering behind her, and shouts at him, "WHEN DID YOU COME THROUGH HERE?" Billy gently removes her gunfire-shielding ear protectors and tells her, "Couple years ago." The hell? She wants to be dropped in the middle of a war zone RIGHT NOW and she can't remember not to yell when she's got her ear protection on? Yeah. She's sooooo ready for Indonesia. Bring it on.

Poca's all surprised that Billy's only been at the agency for two years. Billy's all snitty and rattles off his military and government background. There's an attempt at witty banter that fails miserably. Finally, Poca wants to know if anyone in America even cares about this situation. Billy tells her that the family of the guy who was beheaded cares about it. Billy drones on about how it's a strategic part of the world and it has over six thousand islands (actually, it's more like thirteen thousand) and that if Kalimantan (I guess that's the place where all this crap is going down) secedes (from where? from what?), they all might secede, and it'll be Bosnia all over again. Know what? That's right. I don't know what the hell he's talking about.

Spy Central. Jeanie runs into Billy in the hallway and asks what he thinks of Poca. He thinks her ego could be filed down a bit with a human-sized emery board, and that she may not be half as ready as she seems to think she is. Jeanie just says she's exhibiting all the signs and tendencies of a "cocky CIA trainee." She's a stone bitch, Jeanie. There's nothing "cocky" about it.

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