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The Year Of Lying Dangerously

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How do you say "sucks" in Indonesian?

Poca Prep Room. Billy's grilling Poca on her background. She just rolls her eyes, looks incredibly bored, and corrects Billy on a handful of occasions. Somewhere else in the building, Patton's telling Jeanie that Big Bad's secretary has an ailing mother and is probably days away from taking a leave of absence. Or something like that. I really don't know. Don't care.

Hacker Designs, Inc. Miles is running down the list of all the crap that his staff is going to have to get together for Poca's trip to the islands. Once again, somewhere else in the building, Billy's rambling on about some small recorder device that Poca's supposed to plant somewhere near Big Bad's phone. Somewhere ELSE in the building, Jeanie's on the phone with someone in Jakarta about this secretary's mother's doctor. Back to Billy, sniping at Poca about her mission, demanding that she rattle off what her purpose is and what she's supposed to be looking for and blah blah blah blah BLAH. I swear, this episode is starting to sound like one of the off-screen adult figures in the Charlie Brown cartoons. "Wuh wah wuh wah. Wuh wuh wuh wuh wuh. Wah wah."

We catch a quick glimpse of the kidnappers and their hostages, traipsing through the woods. Blink and you'll miss it. Then we return to the CIA, where Rocky, Cheese, and Patton are walking down the hall, talking about the White House and the hostage situation. Wuh wah wuh. They enter the elevator together, and Cheese introduces the brief subplot that's supposed to make us feel bad for Patton and his being undervalued at the CIA. What do they discuss? Does it matter? I mean, Cheese basically dangles the "field operative" carrot in front of Patton, and then proceeds to tell him that he's pretty much going to do the same damn job he's been doing all along, but on occasion, Cheese will actually allow him TO LEAVE THE BUILDING on a mission. Patton tells Cheese to grab a jalapeƱo popper and place it directly up his ass.

Poca Prep Room. Paige has been added to the mix. She's going over Poca's living arrangements. Poca sniffs at the address that Paige gives her and requests that they use one that she's selected herself, because she knows that area better and the landlady's a friend of hers. She tells Billy that she told the landlady to back her story. Billy gets the landlady on the phone and, while Poca sits across from Billy looking all smug and shit, Billy tells the landlady that he's a friend of Poca's and that Poca asked him to ask the landlady to change Poca's story. The landlady agrees, and Billy hangs up. "Your friend just acknowledged to a complete stranger that your cover story is a lie," says Billy. "You're dead." Heh. Nice one, Captain Courageous.

Once again, we catch a quick glimpse of the kidnappers and their charges. Only, this time, Dingo's moving too sluggishly for the kidnappers, so the head guy shoots him. And that takes care of Dingo. Two seconds later, while Cheese and Rocky are enjoying a fine selection of prime Taco Bell fare, Cheese's cell phone rings. He answers it, says nothing, hangs up, and tells Rocky that he needs to see Billy.

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