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How do you say "sucks" in Indonesian?

Across the street, Poca shows up for her interview with Big Bad. Billy and Sam watch her with their equipment and bling bling blooey about Poca and her being prepared. Don't care. Poca enters the inner sanctum of the Big Bad, and we don't hear any of their conversation; I'm assuming this is because they'd have to have writers who actually knew Kayak and actors who actually speak Kayak and somewhere in there, the producers were all, TOO EXPENSIVE. Cut it. CUT IT. You couldn't have the story take place in, say, Mexico City or anything, could you? Nooooo. Just HAD to be Indonesia. Right. You're fired. And you? Get me a Pellegrino. NOW.

Spy Central. Paige is sipping coffee and reading the paper. Miles walks up and says something something something RDL this, Big Bad that, dictator here, hostages there, national security whatsit, and WAH WAH WAH. Seriously. No interest.

Super Spy Happy Hideout. Billy's taking pictures at night of the happenings and goings on around Big Bad's compound. The next day, I guess, Poca manages to stick her recording device into the base of a statue. Billy takes pictures of Big Bad arriving in his limo. Yawn. Poca takes pictures of Big Bad's files with a sweet little spy camera. She's interrupted by Big Bad's limo driver. They have a conversation that isn't translated. Snore.

Spy Central. Jeanie enters, and someone tells her she's got a phone call from Indonesia. It's Billy, telling Jeanie that he got there okay and everything's going fine. Bluther blither blather hostages, posh pish pash Poca's doing a great job, muddle middle maddle Billy's a fantastic mentor. WhatEVER.

Later that night at the Happy Hideout, there's a knock on the door. Billy pulls out his water pistol and makes like a secret agent. It's Poca, the raving idiot ops tool. Billy lets her in, and also lets her know that she's a fucking moron. Poca's made contact with the limo driver and thinks that he likely knows where the hostages are; she'd like to pay him off for the info. Billy tells her to stuff it. She says the driver needs money for his gambling debts. Billy tells her to quit with the whole renegade driver-bribing idea and stick to the plan. Poca spins off in a huff.

Spy Central. Jeanie's on the phone again with Billy. She's telling him that Big Bad's been getting payments from some Japanese mining company. Gee, wonder if they're the ones who are subsidizing him? Don't care. Too busy looking at Sam's arms in that sleeveless tee. Sam's watching Poca and suddenly tells Billy to see what he's seeing. Billy drops the phone and runs to the camera. Poca totally ignored Billy's directive to not buy off the driver, and is, in fact, buying off the driver. After dropping a hat full of money into the limo, she walks away, thinking she's in the clear. Wrong. The soldiers are onto her, and they grab her sorry driver-bribing ass and haul her inside.

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