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Patton just kind of looks at Billy as if he's about to say, "Duh, Billy. What the hell do you think survival, evasion, and weapons training sessions are for?" but his phone rings. It's Jeanie, and she's outside Navarro's apartment. "You find him?" asks Patton. Nope. He's long gone. But the FBI is going to keep an eye on Navarro's place, just in case he was at the grocery store for the past three months and returns home to ensure that his frozen mini-quiches don't melt all over his back seat. As Patton talks to Jeanie and avoids looking at Billy, Billy sort of backs away from the desk, obviously realizing that his brother trained assassins for a living.

Patton tells Jeanie that they should be looking for Navarro in New York. "Yeah, way ahead of you," she responds. "Last month Navarro bought a nine-millimeter Browning high power from a dealer in Fort Lauderdale and a one-way ticket to LaGuardia." Um, red herring, anyone? I mean, if you're a certified assassin, don't you think you'd be a bit more careful when purchasing your desired weapons of destruction and airline tickets? I know I would.

"He paid cash, used his own name," says Patton later that day as he, Rocky, and Billy speed down a hallway. "Maybe he wants us to catch him," suggests Rocky. "He didn't know we'd be trying," says Patton. "He does now if he's talked to Moray. If he's learned anything from your brother," says Rocky, looking at Billy, "he's not gonna be easy to find." "I learned some things from him too," replies Billy morosely. Poor Billy. Your brother created killers, and all he taught you was how to shotgun an MGD without spewing all over your Phi Delta Tau sweatshirt.

"If we don't have Navarro back tonight," says Rocky, entering the elevator with the boys in tow, "Pierce is going to insist that we tell the Cubans." "Which Cubans?" asks Billy. The French Cubans, you dolt. Who the hell do you think? "The Cuban Cubans," says Rocky. "Castro's security people." "But if they find Navarro before we do..." says Billy. "They'll kill him." "Yes, they will," says Rocky. Patton goes on to say that the Cubans will spin this for all it's worth. "Remember," he says, "our fingerprints are all over these guys. We don't want it to show up in the New York Times that we were involved in another plot to kill Castro." Patton and Rocky exit the elevator in slow motion as Billy thinks to himself, "Who the hell are 'the Cuban Cubans'?"

Hacker Designs, Inc. Patton's showing Paige and Miles a videotape that Jeanie sent him of Navarro at a gun store. Paige asks if she should sharpen the image, but Patton tells her to keep watching. He asks her to zoom in on the side view mirror of a car outside the shop, and says that he's more interested in the driver than in Navarro. Paige works her magic and somehow comes up with a crystal-clear image of a side view of a guy sitting in a car. "Can you do anything with him?" Patton asks. "I can put a hat on his head if you want," quips Paige. She does a couple more tricks and comes up with a full-frontal computer image of the driver's face. Patton moves on over to Soul Patch to see if he can come up with a formal ID for the driver. Soul Patch gets all "I'm ten times smarter than you" on Patton's ass and comes up with a driver's license for the guy in, like, one point eight seconds.

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