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"Gustavo Hernandez," says Soul Patch. "Did the identi-kit come in?" asks Billy. "Mm-hm," says Patton, pulling out a picture of the guy. "A system man who killed our agent in Havana." Wait a second. He's had this "identi-kit" in his hands all this time? Was this the identi-kit for this one guy or for all the guys? I mean, he's got it right there, and he couldn't ID this guy from Paige's handiwork not seconds before? Man, I don't know what the hell is going on. "A month ago," says Billy, "Hernandez was spotted in Fort Lauderdale gun shopping with our assassin, Ruben Navarro." Way to state the bleeding obvious, Billy.

GUSTAVO HERNANDEZ'S APARTMENT. MIAMI, FLORIDA. Whoa. A collection of FBI SWAT guys busts into the apartment, guns a-blazin'. They throw tear gas and then storm around looking all buff and stuff. Too bad Hernandez isn't there to enjoy it. After they clear the area and make mental notes to tell all the hot chicks at the margarita bar later about how they kicked down a door, Jeanie walks in like she's been to this apartment before for a friendly game of Trivial Pursuit. She goes immediately to a desk with a computer on it and starts rifling through some papers. She requests a computer tech to hack into Hernandez's computer.

Big Cheese Central. Rocky enters and tells Cheese that they can't find Hernandez and there's still no sign of Navarro. But Jeanie managed to get into Hernandez's financial records, and he's been pulling money from his money market account. Rocky thinks that Hernandez might be bankrolling Navarro. "We've gotta tell the Cubans," says Cheese. "Even if they use it against us?" asks Rocky. "I can't control that!" shouts Cheese. "We have to give them everything we know now. Call up the Cuban Interest section at the Russian Embassy, set up a meet, and deliver the file on Navarro."

Back at Hernandez's, the hacker's trying to access phone records so they can trace Hernandez's travel to Cuba. The hacker gets something, but the files are encrypted; it's how they're encrypted that is of interest. Why is that of interest? I don't know because, even though they show the computer screen with these things running across it, I can't tell what they are, because this tape SUCKS ASS. I seriously hate Wedge and his stupid fucking VCR right now.

Meanwhile, Rocky pulls up in some back alley somewhere and pulls the Navarro file out of his briefcase. Obviously, he's set up a "meet" relatively quickly with the Cubans. He pulls out his cellphone and sets it on the dashboard.

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