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Hacker Designs, Inc. Miles is pacing back and forth in front of a TV screen with images of Castro's arrival at Kennedy Airport playing on it. His talented crew of hackers and designers sits before him for a briefing. They're supposed to follow the faces that surround Castro in order to find Navarro. He wants them to focus on the eyes. That makes sense. The eyes are the windows to the soul, after all. Or maybe I've been watching too many back episodes of Brimstone on the Sci-Fi Channel. Oh, wait -- Miles is telling them to focus on the eyes so that they can find Navarro. "As he was trained by this organization, our task may be more difficult than usual," says Miles. "For when we have seen the enemy, he will be us." God, I love him. I loved him on thirtysomething and I love him now. Yummy.

Meanwhile, Cheese is on a conference call with the lead FBI guy in New York, discussing Castro security. Billy and Jeanie are sitting in on the call, and Cheese asks Billy to run down some possible scenarios. "Okay," says Billy. "My brother would have taught Navarro to conduct a target survey, which would have included evaluating Castro's security detail." "Someone on the inside would have tipped Navarro off to that," says Rocky. "Maybe, but Navarro's been in New York for a while. He's already chosen a site, considered all the possible variables, could've even done some pre-rigging." "Rigging of what?" asks the lead FBI guy. "Explosives, for one," explains Billy. "But Navarro wants Castro, not collateral damage. He thinks he's a patriot; he doesn't want to hurt anyone else. He won't take a shot unless Castro's completely in the clear. Bottom line? Navarro would have self-audited every aspect of the job and then asked himself what could go wrong. Then he'd make alternative plans of action." Yeah, I don't know what he's talking about either.

UNITED NATIONS. NEW YORK CITY. According to previous mentions, Castro's due at this location in a half hour. No, I didn't mention it before. Did you even SEE all the frickin' dialogue I just transcribed? Castro's showing up at the UN in a half hour. Deal. By the way, the establishing shot they give us of the exterior of the UN must have been filmed back in 1978 or something. It's all grainy, and the police look like members of CHiPs.

They're rolling out the red carpet, and the news people are readying themselves for Castro's impending arrival. Security is tight. There are members of every security organization present and accounted for. Anyone could be the shooter. ANYONE.

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