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Hacker Designs, Inc. Paige is eyeballing the screen, looking for anyone who stands out as their guy. "Time is running out," says Miles, leaning on her desk. "Castro hasn't reached the UN yet," says Paige. "Not for him, for me. Funeral starts at five o'clock," says Miles. He goes on to bitch about the wife and the family and I'm just thinking that, um, Castro's about to die, dude. Try not to be so self-centered here. As he's going on and on, he suddenly wakes up to a face on the screen and wonders who he is. Paige zooms in on the guy in question. "Can't see his eyes," she says. "That's the point," Miles says. "Hat, glasses, mustache -- too many accessories. Work on him." Sorry, but, uh, this "guy" is sporting a mustache that wouldn't have passed muster in my junior high drama club. It looks like it's made of badger hair and it's twice the size of his face. He's also wearing aviator sunglasses that cover the entirety of the upper part of his head. Dudes. DUDES. Don't you think that at least ONE of the many security agents over at the UN might have picked up on this idiot a little sooner than thirty minutes before Castro's arrival? Yeah, me too.

Jeanie drops Billy off in front of the UN, and he runs off in search of Badly Disguised Killer Guy. Inside the building, Badly Disguised Killer Guy sneaks into a janitor's closet and starts removing most of his disguising accoutrements. As he does this, we flash back to Paige, furiously working on Badly Disguised Killer Guy's identity at her computer. We return to Billy, walking down the red carpet, keeping his eyes peeled for the killer who, we all know, would be right next to the red carpet with his gun waving, making Billy's first week on the job that much easier.

Back to BDKG, who is now removing his mustache and false teeth. Cut back to Paige, now removing his mustache and pasting a mouth on the face on her computer screen. Back once again to BDKG, who is wiping his face with a greasy towel. As he pulls the towel down over his face, we see that it's...wait for it...NAVARRO. At precisely the same time, Paige reveals the face on her screen as...wait for it...NAVARRO.

In the Panic Room, oh, sorry, I mean Conference Room, Patton's on the phone, telling someone that Navarro's using the name "Rudolph Zamora" and that he's been on the maintenance crew for the past few weeks. Billy books along outside the UN with an FBI agent as Patton talks to him on his cellphone. Billy and a bunch of security agents bust in on the same janitor's closet where Navarro was just recently removing his disguise. And guess what? Navarro's standing right there waving at them! Except he's so not.

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