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Billy asks Patton where Castro is. Patton tells him that Castro's just about to make his entrance. Billy hauls ass outside, looking everywhere for Navarro. The camera pans up to a balcony where we see...wait for it...Navarro, now disguised as a UN security guard. He pulls out a small radio device. Billy scans the crowd. Castro's car pulls up. Navarro readies his finger over the button. Castro's almost exiting his car…

D'oh! Commercial break. Time to grab yet another Amstel.

Back to Tension Central. Castro's coming. Navarro's waiting. Billy's scanning. The Hackers and Designers scope the footage for some sign of Navarro. Castro exits his car and walks up the carpet, hugging, pressing hands, waving. Billy still uselessly scans. Castro swerves off to the left to kiss some baby. Navarro's lip twitches and he puts his radio device away and walks off as Billy runs up onto the balcony...wait for it...just seconds after Navarro exits!

"Castro's inside," says Billy on the phone to Patton. "Still no trace of Navarro." "Maybe we scared him off," says Patton. "I don't think so," says Billy. "But if he was out here, why didn't he take a shot? Castro was open. He waded into the crowd." Jeanie breaks in on the call to inform Billy that Hernandez was caught on hidden camera at the airport, which means he's in New York. Billy hears this but stops on the red carpet. "He took the wrong route," he says. "He flew in from Miami," says Jeanie, confused. "Not Hernandez," says Billy. "Castro."

Billy explains that Castro was supposed to follow a route along the red carpet but that he veered off and didn't follow protocol. This thinking leads Billy to the sprinkler system, just off to the right of the carpet. Billy walks over to a sprinkler and dismantles it, finding a pipe gun. Navarro apparently rigged the entire sprinkler system with these pipe guns that are designed to target a tiny kill zone. However, since Castro didn't follow the route Navarro thought he would, Navarro didn't have a casualty-free kill zone. So now it's on to Plan B.

Hacker Designs, Inc. Miles comes out of his office and explains the sprinkler/kill system for those idiots out there in the audience who didn't listen two seconds ago as Billy completely detailed Navarro's plan. Miles then bitches at his crew to keep deconstructing faces, because their killer may not have gone home yet. Um. Is Navarro the killer or not? Why would they continue to deconstruct faces if...oh, never mind.

Big Cheese is on the phone with the President, kissing ass and kowtowing brilliantly. The Prez wants Cheese to tell Castro's security detail about this situation so that if anything happens, the US will be in the clear. Cheese tries to explain to the President that Cuban Intelligence is involved, but the Prez is too busy interviewing new interns to pay attention to the CIA's little Cuban problems. Cheese gets off the phone with the Prez and informs the Spy Boys that the Prez said that if the CIA can prove Cuban Intelligence is responsible for this Castro situation, then they'll let the chips fall where they may. "Of course, one of those chips would be my job," says Cheese. Yeah, I don't know what anyone's talking about either.

Patton enters and says, "Sir, I've uncovered some rather disturbing information." "Oh, good!" quips Cheese. Heh. I'm liking him right about now. And what did I say about Patton being the Bad News Guy? Uh huh. Told you so. "Are you aware, sir, that when Ruben Navarro and Eric Callan [Billy's bro] were in Angola, Navarro saved Eric's life? They went under enemy fire, Eric was hit, Navarro went back for him and, apparently, we gave him a medal." Uh oh. "You don't say a word," instructs Cheese. "Sir, this could directly affect what happens in the field. Matt looks a lot like his brother and if Navarro --" "Not a word, Mr. Haisley! I don't want personal feelings interfering with the job!" "But, sir --" "Thank you, Mr. Haisley." Patton gives Cheese one last glare and exits. And what did I say about Patton and Cheese getting into it? What'd I say? That's right, people. Pay attention. I'm like fucking Nostradamus over here.

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