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So anyway, Patton asks Billy how long he's been in town. Billy just got here, and thought he was supposed to be working for recruitment, but he received a call from the CTC that morning. Patton mentions that he got the same call, and that they're (the CTC, I guess) tapping offices from every directory. I have absolutely no idea what this exchange means, but I'm thinking that its sole purpose is to fill us all with the notion that these guys are, you know, being recruited for something special. By the way, I scoured the CIA's official website and couldn't find a single department that applied to "CTC," so I have no idea what they're talking about. ["'Crappy Television Central'?" -- Sars]

Billy looks back up at the wall and says that he was just looking for Eric's name up there; Eric's his brother. "No name," he says, "just a star." "For now," responds Patton. "Come on," he continues, putting his hand on Billy's shoulder, "I'll take you upstairs. Fabrizi's running with us. She's a manager now. Pierce thinks she's the goods." "Really?" says Billy. "Yeah. Since your brother died, Lisa's been all about work."

Get it? Do you get it yet? Billy's brother died while on the job. Lisa Fabrizi was his chick and now, because of Eric's untimely demise, Lisa's devoted herself heart and soul to "the job." Anyone else see where this one's going? Yeah. That's what I thought.

Now here's where it gets fun. We see the same piece of paper with "TOP SECRET" emblazoned upon it in the hand of a woman walking briskly down a hallway. No, it's not in an envelope. It's just a naked sheet of paper wafting lightly between the fingers of this woman. Facing out, mind you. So anyone can see that she's carrying a TOP SECRET document. She hands it to a man sitting in an office with the nameplate "Senior Administrator" on the wall outside. He picks up the phone.

Then we're in a parking lot, and a young woman is hurriedly exiting her car. It's Paige Turco. Yeah, people tell me she was on Party of Five; I never watched it, so I have no idea what she did on that show. I think I heard she was a drunk or something. Anyway, she's not drunk now. She's just wearing knee-high boots and a trenchcoat, and she's rushing toward the CIA building. A security guard with a barking German shepherd stops her and warns her that running is against the rules here at the Central Intelligence Agency. She apologizes and skitters off.

In the halls of covert operations, Ronny Cox, a.k.a. "Alex Pierce III," or "Big Cheese" as we like to call him, is speeding along while one of his many assistants trails along beside him. She hands him a folder. We can only assume it has a piece of paper within it with TOP SECRET screaming along the top.

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