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"Intelligence" doesn't really enter into it

Then we're over in the hack-happy graphic design department with Paige and some guy with a soul patch. He asks her what her cover is. She tells him it's the Department of Commerce. Is she a field operative? Isn't she a fake ID artist? Why does she need a cover? Whatever. Soul Patch tells her that her cover isn't very "sexy," and then says that he used to run a dot-com with a market cap of six hundred million. "That's a cover?" responds Paige. "No," he says, "that's the truth. I've been a puppet, a poet, a pauper, a pirate, and now I'm just a straight guy who likes show tunes, hacking for the CIA." Yeah, I don't know what he's talking about either. Was he actually a dot-com magnate? Was he really a puppet? Are there really pirates in existence in this day and age? Is that soul patch really necessary?

"You ever need to go to Albania," says Soul Patch, "I got all the visas you'll ever need." "I'll take one," says the guy who played "Miles" on thirtysomething as he enters the office rather sluggishly. No, I'm not kidding. It's Miles. Actually, it's David Clennon, an actor that's been around since The Way We Were. It's suddenly just occurred to me that this entire show is filled with candidates for "Hey! It's That Guy!" I mean, come on! Will Patton, Ronny Cox, Rocky Carroll, and now David Clennon?! These guys have been in every movie and TV show since time began! Seriously. Check out their bios on the CBS site -- it's alarming. But it's also really, really good for me. Think how many arcane references I can trot out during my recapping duties...

Anyway, Miles walks into his office and sits down at his desk, looking like a zombie who hasn't tasted a good brain in quite a while. Paige follows him in and asks if he's okay. Miles tells her that his wife died last night. Paige is suitably upset until she remembers that Miles is divorced. "I am," says Miles. "Haven't seen her in fifteen years." "Were you close?" Paige questions. "Hated each other," Miles responds. Apparently, the fact that they weren't the best of friends doesn't matter to his ex-wife's family; they want him to attend her funeral. "I'll feel like such a hypocrite," he sighs. "But if it's for the family --" Paige starts. "They hated her too," Miles says. What does this have to do with the CIA? Nothing. What does this have to do with the plot against Fidel? Again, nothing. What does this have to do with furthering the plot of this show? If your answer is "nothing," you win a shiny new set of Ginsu knives.

Paige tells Miles that Carl Reese was looking for him earlier. This is the first time since the conversation between Patton and Billy that a character has actually been referred to by his or her character's name. Why do you think I've been calling these people "Rocky" and "Miles" and "Paige"? Yeah, I know the character names from the website. What if I didn't have access to the website? I wouldn't know what in the hell was going on.

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