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"Why now?" says Big Cheese, walking over to look pensively out the window. "Castro's seventy-five. You know he passed out while giving a speech a few months ago." "Yeah," says Patton, smiling for the very first time. "And then he got up and proceeded to speak for another four hours." "He's not going to live forever," says Cheese. "Why is this happening now?" He turns around and looks at Patton as if he's going to have the answer. Patton checks his mental bank for an answer and only comes up with the porn shots of cheerleaders he downloaded off the Internet last night.

Hacker Designs, Inc. Jeanie's getting her picture taken by Paige, who then whips up a quick fake special investigator ID. Miles exits his office and asks Jeanie, "If you were asked to go to a funeral, but you despise the honored guest --" "Who at one time just happened to be your wife," pipes Paige. Miles ignores her and asks Jeanie, "Would you go?" Jeanie, also not sure what in the hell this has to do with the CIA or her job, humors him and says that she wouldn't feel obligated to attend. "What if the family wanted you there?" interjects Paige. "For emotional support?" "Well, then," says Jeanie, "I guess it would depend how close I was to the man and...if he was my first love." Miles is confused. "What's that matter?" Jeanie smiles sweetly. "Well, I believe that no matter where you go in life, your first love is always a part of you." Miles looks pained and exits back to his office to make travel arrangements to attend his dead ex-wife's funeral.

Okay. I promise that in future recaps for this show I will NOT transcribe scenes like this in such detail. But it's pretty obvious that the writers are doing their best to try to establish these characters in one fell swoop. Let's do a little sum-up session for every character we've met so far. Y'all can use this as a cheat sheet for future episodes. If there are any, that is.

Billy: Earnest go-getter newbie with a soft heart and a dead brother.
Rocky: Nice mustache.
Patton: Lackey who does grunt work and is eyeing the Big Cheese's job.
Big Cheese: Big Cheese.
Paige: Newbie fake ID maker with a soft heart.
Miles: Odd, quirky, cynical wise guy who heads up Hacker Designs, Inc.
Jeanie: CIA manager with a soft heart and a dead boyfriend.

Let's move on.

MIAMI, FLORIDA. Jeanie's driving along some waterfront. As she pulls to a stop, we see a man with a mustache (no, not Rocky) telling another man in Spanish that the man who was expecting the boat on Friday will be disappointed to learn that the boat won't be ready, and to send this guy's wife some flowers.

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