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Back to the (sucking) Windy City

In Tokyo, meanwhile, Kris and Jon are also trying to get a better flight to Honolulu. They find a flight that's earlier, but it only has one economy seat available. So that's a big no on that.

Nuance is boarding their flight to Honolulu, it appears, just as Hornio is landing, so Hornio makes a dash for the Nuance flight. But would you like to know why they can't, even though they don't have bags to check or anything? Oh, yeah. No meals. Apparently, this meal thing is a major issue when you fly from Japan to Honolulu. Maybe people get hungry and start fights. The gate agent agrees to try to get Hornio on, though. Ooooh, tension!

Commercials. Yeah, unless Dr. Phil is going to do something with lions and the rubbing of certain people with raw meat, I'm not watching.

When we return, Hornio learns, they will not be getting on the same flight with Nuance. El Hornio does some yelling and some haranguing and some screeching and some complaining, but nothing doing, because they can't get on the flight. As Rebecca walks off embarrassed, he lectures the gate agent that she's "mean," even asking her whether she knows the word. Oh, and she's also "very cold." I'm sure he's breaking her heart. She's going to go home and draw a little sketch of him, complete with horns, and stare at it wistfully, remembering the guy who broke the news to her that she's "cold." Poor, poor, airline lady. The Nuance flight leaves.

In Tokyo, the Kris and Jon flight leaves as well. And then finally, the Hornio flight leaves. "If we catch up, we're going to win," a suddenly confident El Hornio declares. At 9:30 AM, Nuance lands, and they find their way to a marked car. They drive away from the airport as Princess Kendra rejoices in how great everything is in Hawaii. Kris and Jon land at 9:45, and they agree to "haul ass" as they run through the airport. Once in their car, they update us that they're not sure where everybody else is, though they suspect at least Freddy and Kendra of being slightly ahead of them.

Speaking of Nuance, they have a natural first-place high as they arrive at the state park. Currently in first place, they find their way to the clue box, which is a Detour. The choices here are Outfits and Outriggers. In Outfits, you drive ten miles to a clothing distributor, and choose a pair of mannequins. You then search through racks that can hold 165,000 articles of clothing until you find the ones that match your mannequin. You put them on, and then you get your clue. In Outriggers, you drive six miles to a canoe club and paddle it down a two-mile course. Phil promises that the paddling "will be difficult." In the Nuance car, Freddy says he wants to paddle, but doesn't want to "kill" the Princess. The Princess says they can paddle, it's all right. I'm sure she can do it without breaking a sweat. Or a nail. ["Or popping an implant. Yeah, I said it." -- Sars]

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