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And unicorns danced!

Ray and Yolanda are finally at Fujikyu Highland, and they're bickering again over directions. When they open the Roadblock, she has to take it, so she's happy to get away from him for a few minutes. She straps into the first ride.

Tyler reports on the way he tried to psych out Jeremy, and Jeremy tells Eric the same thing. "They're trying to be sneaky, huh?" Eric says with sympathy.

Yolanda rides the second ride. She rides the third, and -- Lake Yamanaka! She sees it! When she gets out, they get the pit stop clue and leave. Oh, wait -- first, they have to stop for confusing directions that they can't decipher. They have a map, so maybe they have a chance. Ha ha ha! She tells us in the car that she had a good time getting a break from Ray, and Ray complains in response -- but with a smile -- that she's a back-seat driver. Of course, given the way the camera and sound guys sit, that's...hard to avoid.

BJ and Tyler arrive at the lake, followed by Eric and Jeremy. The entire Choad Family runs down a long pier, and they hop into boats. Aside from the stupidity of watching two teams of guys who are this impressed with themselves paddle what are essentially plastic birds, this simply is not interesting. BJ and Tyler get to the boat first, and then they land on the mat first. They are team number one! They each get a Sidekick with three years of service. Eric and Jeremy land and are unhappy about second place, especially after Phil harasses them about losing to "hippie boys." Hey, Phil -- back off. Eric and Jeremy explain that they were doing their best -- "We were going as fast as you can pedal those things," Jeremy says, to which Tyler has to jump in and say that they weren't, because they lost. Of course, that's fairly obviously not Jeremy's point -- his point is that when they were trying to catch up, they were pedaling as fast as the pedals seemed to allow, and it would have been a tiny bit gracious if Tyler could have kept his big fat yap shut for thirty seconds rather than having to demand even more face time on the theory that he hasn't been on enough during this season of The Amazing Goddamn BJ And Tyler Show, on which everyone else is merely a supporting player. Phil asks whether they're thinking about the end, and Jeremy faux-pouts about how the hippies are "playing dirty," and Tyler mentions the cab-stealing in response, so Jeremy says Tyler is "mean." What's bizarre is that Tyler starts making diplomatic remarks, because he really doesn't understand that Jeremy is not serious. Tyler does not have much of a sense of humor, in reality; he has only a sense of clowning, which is totally different.

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