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And unicorns danced!

Ray and Yolanda arrive at a place called Jonathan's, which is like Denny's but less so, in order to beg. Ray is wearing a sign that says "Yen." Subtle! They approach a table of businessmen, and one of them says to Yolanda, "You look like Janet Jackson." A couple of the guys, well on their way to drunk, actually dance, sort of, and they all laugh hysterically. Yolanda seems to find it slightly less hilarious. "If it's so funny, y'all give us money, then," Yolanda urges. And actually, they do. Yolanda shakes someone's hand and says, "I'll tell Michael you said hey." Snerk. Out in the car, Ray says, "Good thing those businessmen were there, boy." "Gettin' lit," Yolanda adds. They head for the hotel.

BJ and Tyler find a flight online on Northwest that would get them to Anchorage at 10:53 AM. They reserve the flight. Jeremy, meanwhile, asks on the phone, and he finds a flight through Taipei getting them to Anchorage at 7:50 AM. Boy, that worked well, keeping the boys from looking on the internet and relegating them to the phone. Brilliant strategizing! Downstairs in the lobby, unaware of his good fortune in being "screwed" by BJ and Tyler, Eric wishes that BJ and Tyler would stay an hour behind, as they appear to be at the moment. As they head downstairs, BJ and Tyler decide to announce that they have been lurking around, spying on Eric and Jeremy, hoping that they can cover up the fact that they're emerging from the second floor of the hotel rather than from the parking lot as they would have if they'd really been behind Eric and Jeremy. Nothing doing -- Eric immediately wants to know why (after BJ and Tyler greet him with a "T-Tow," for fuck's sake) they came from the direction they did, like they were already inside the hotel. "We've been spying on you from outside," Tyler announces. Eric, who I think is just beginning to have suspicions about this entire scenario, asks BJ and Tyler with a chuckle why they went "the wrong way." Tyler says it was "to try and trick you." "You tricked us; we thought you were idiots," Eric offers. The show edits this as if it's a wonderful triumph for BJ and Tyler, who sneakily arrived first, over the stupid Eric and Jeremy, who don't know that BJ and Tyler have been hanging around, but...keep in mind: BJ and Tyler created a situation in which Eric and Jeremy got a flight three hours earlier than their own, and they pretty much made that happen, where they might well have wound up on the same flight otherwise. They are idiots, quite frankly, because they outsmarted themselves by trying to be tricky. Eric comments on the lack of internet, and he says it's "really weird, [he] thought." Outside, both teams get on the shuttle to the airport, and both note the absence of Ray and Yolanda.

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