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And unicorns danced!

Ray and Yolanda are on their way to the hotel, of course, although they probably have to stop at six gas stations and a Chuck E. Cheese first.

The Choad Family arrives at the airport, and Eric and Jeremy correctly surmise that BJ and Tyler's strategy will be to follow them around in the airport. They therefore hide behind some baggage equipment, leaving BJ and Tyler to wonder where they went. Meanwhile, Ray and Yolanda arrive at the hotel, then get on the airport shuttle.

Eric and Jeremy go to book their arranged flight to Taipei, traveling on to Anchorage to arrive at 7:50 AM. They're all done. They leave first. BJ and Tyler, meanwhile, check with a gate agent to see if they can improve on their existing reservation. They are told that they can get on a later flight to Taipei and make the same connection as Eric and Jeremy, not that they know Eric and Jeremy are doing this. When Ray and Yolanda arrive, they hear about an inferior flight, which they wisely do not decide to take. They hop on the computer instead and keep looking.

Eric and Jeremy arrive in Taipei, and they sit themselves down with a view of Transfer Counter D, which is where anyone will have to go first who is going to be on their flight to Anchorage. Back at the Tokyo airport, Yolanda finds the same itinerary as BJ and Tyler. However, she and Ray are told that the flight is already closed. Yolanda begs, but is told that there's nothing that can be done for them. Dramatic commercials of impending tragedy!

We come back to find Ray and Yolanda still trying, and ultimately, one of the gate ladies makes a call on their behalf. Whew! I didn't think the ominous commercials could actually lead to ominous results twice in the same episode. Elsewhere, BJ and Tyler are ecstatic not to see Eric and Jeremy at their departure gate (because they're not as clever as they think), and to note that Ray and Yolanda haven't been seen all day. Ray and Yolanda, however, are just now being told that they can get on the second flight to Taipei, and they happily head down to the gate, where they encounter BJ and Tyler. As they all get on the plane, Ray says to BJ and Tyler, "For the first time, I'm happy to see you guys." Which is sort of agreeably funny, and exactly the kind of good-natured thing BJ and Tyler like to think they'd say, which is why it's so vile when BJ gives this disgusted look to the camera after Ray walks by, like, "What a fucking idiot." Read the famous Sars piece about what BJ is doing right there -- he's being Orly Adams.

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