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And unicorns danced!

Ray and Yolanda? Oh, they're lost. Yes, still. Yes, forever. Yes, it's permanent. Why do you ask? They get more directions. At least the directions aren't in Japanese now, not that I'm confident at this point that that's going to help as much as you'd think. In fact, I'm not sure it made a whit of difference in the end that Tyler knew some Japanese.

Eric and Jeremy finish the drilling first. They head over to pick up their fishing shack. "Oh, man, this is sucky," they say. Tyler starts the last hole for his team. As they head over for their shack, BJ and Tyler get their last hole drilled. Eric and Jeremy cover two holes with their shack (hee), and they pull a clue telling them to go to Kincaid Park and find the chalet, where they'll pick up snowshoes and poles. This is a 26-mile drive, unless you're Ray and Yolanda, in which case it is a 126-mile drive, counting wrong turns. As Jeremy drives, he comments that the drilling really hurt his biceps.

BJ and Tyler push their shack over the holes and get the Kincaid Park clue. Just then, we see Ray and Yolanda arrive at the Detour. They take the drilling. BJ and Tyler leave for Kincaid Park as Ray and Yolanda drill. He finds the drilling not up his alley, with him being from the south.

Eric and Jeremy are on their way, and they're already thinking about how to keep BJ and Tyler from following them.

Yolanda wishes aloud that she could drill the hole with her legs, which are stronger than her upper body. That's not a bad problem to have, really. They cover the holes and leave, hoping that they'll be able to catch up at the airport.

Eric and Jeremy arrive at the chalet and head directly for the sets of snowshoes and poles that are leaning up against the side of the chalet, in plain sight. "I can tell this is going to suck," one of them remarks as they take off. Then, BJ and Tyler appear at the chalet. "Crap, hippies," Eric and Jeremy note, and they take off jogging in their snowshoes. But there isn't much danger from the hippies, actually, because they...walk right by all the sets of snowshoes that are in front of their faces. They run up the stairs. The camera guy stares sadly at the snowshoes. They go inside to look. They come back outside to look. They walk past the snowshoes again. "Choose a set of snowshoes," Tyler reads from the clue as they...walk by the sets of snowshoes.

After more commercials, we see BJ and Tyler still looking, and now they go inside and ask for snowshoes, and someone mercifully tells them to look outside. Finally, they go outside and manage to find the snowshoes. Of course, once they have them, BJ puts them on and starts skipping, because...he has to. It's the law. Can't stop now, to say the least.

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