Amazing Race
5 Continents…10 Countries…And More than 59 Thousand Miles!

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And unicorns danced!

Ray and Yolanda are driving...somewhere.

Eric and Jeremy are making their way on the snowshoes through...well, the snow. They consult their map and keep hunting for the trail they're looking for. BJ and Tyler are looking for the trail as well. Tyler aims for a moment of childlike wonder as he passes the camera guy and pauses to catch a snowflake on his tongue. The universe responds by dumping a load of snow directly onto his face from a tree branch, which is the best thing that the universe accomplishes during this entire episode. For once, the universe feels me. Now, Eric and Jeremy find their way to the clue box, and the clue they open tells them to fly to the final city: Denver, Colorado. Phil reminds us that this is where the race started. When they get there, they'll take a taxi 30 miles to the Clear Creek History Park in the town of Golden. There, they'll search for a clue. Eric and Jeremy leave. BJ and Tyler are still lost. Eric and Jeremy return their snowshoes and get a cab to the airport. BJ and Tyler find the clue box at last and open the Denver clue. When they return their snowshoes, Tyler says to set them up carefully "so Ray and Yolanda think no one's been here." Thank you, Snidely Whiplash. Always with a plan! They leave for the airport.

Ray and Yolanda arrive at the snowshoes. I sort of want to stop watching them, because I like them, and it now feels like they're just not in it.

Eric and Jeremy discover at the airport that there is a Frontier flight at 11:10 PM. Eric comments that it would be great not to see BJ and Tyler or Ray and Yolanda. "If they were frozen," he muses. I half-agree. BJ and Tyler, for their part, borrow a cell phone from their cab driver and learn of the same 11:10 flight to Denver.

Ray and Yolanda find the Denver clue. They are relieved to be leaving Alaska, which is a tiny bit inhospitable, weather-wise. I know how they feel, except that I never get to leave.

At the airport, BJ and Tyler see Eric and Jeremy and ask if they found anything international. "I don't know," Eric says. "Did we?" "If you did, then why are you going back to the other terminal?" BJ asks. "You never know," Jeremy says, so BJ and Tyler decide to trail them. Yeah, that would get annoying. Once again, not cheating; once again, boring and not the way the show should go.

Ray and Yolanda head for the Anchorage airport. They probably know enough about the way the show works to know that they will probably have one more chance to get back in it, given the show's fondness for close finishes.

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