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Heading into the airport, Tyler prattles endlessly, as in love with the sound of his own voice as ever, just filling empty space with constant blather. In this case, he's saying, "Oh, frat boys. What's a race around the world without the frat boys?" "You'd probably have a better chance of winning," Eric (I think) notes. Tyler wants to trade information about flights. Eric doesn't care, saying he's sure they have the same flight. But BJ perseveres, saying that on three, they'll both say what flight they're on. Eric, because this whole thing is stupid, says "Air China," while Tyler starts to say "Front --" and then stops. Tyler will not shut up, still, and he says, "Frat it the million dollars that's tearing us apart?" Eric opines that it is, although it could also be Tyler's INCESSANT TALKING. If you watch, you'll see it immediately. He fills every spot. Walking along, he has to say, "Here we go, walking along!" On the way out of an airport, he has to say, "Heading out of the airport!" It never stops. He never shuts up. He fills all available space. It's a big part of what makes him, to me, just exhausting to watch.

Ray and Yolanda arrive at the airport. They encounter the other teams at the Frontier counter. Eric remarks on how much fun it is to be ahead and have everyone catch up. He would know, as it has certainly happened to them more than to anyone. All three teams wind up on the same 11:10 flight, so even after everything they've done wrong, Ray and Yolanda's errors are all forgiven, and heading to the final city, nothing anyone has done up to this point makes any difference. The Amazing Map shows us the Amazing Yellow Line to Denver. In the Denver airport, everyone runs for taxis. Eric and Jeremy are the first out, then BJ and Tyler, then Ray and Yolanda. There's a shocker.

Golden, Colorado. Eric and Jeremy arrive at the history park and start hunting around for a clue. They find one in a shed. "Go back to where you started: Red Rocks Park," says the clue. Phil reminds us that this is the same park where the starting line was, and that it is seven miles away by taxi. BJ and Tyler arrive as Eric and Jeremy are leaving. Eric notes in the cab that they're very close to BJ and Tyler, and they only have a few minutes on them, so they really need to get moving. BJ and Tyler, at the history park, hunt around for a clue and ultimately find one in the snow. They get the Red Rocks clue and leave. "T-Tow!" Grrrrrr. Ray and Yolanda arrive. In BJ and Tyler's cab, Tyler -- still going for the sound bite -- says they're going to Red Rocks, "where [they] started a race around the world!" Stop reading off the script in your head! Stop trying to create a clip for Best Week Ever! Just stop!

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