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And unicorns danced!

Eric and Jeremy arrive at Red Rocks, and in the BJ and Tyler cab, Tyler says, "Damn you, frat boys!" for about the 800th time this episode. Do you suppose he knows he does that?

Here they are: the last set of commercials for this very tiresome season.

When we come back, Eric and Jeremy stop along the road into Red Rocks Park to pick up a clue, which is for a Roadblock. As Phil explains, the Roadblock involves running into a field of 285 flags and find one for each foreign country they visited. They'll then have to arrange the flags in the order in which they visited the countries. Brazil, Russia, Germany, Italy, Greece, Oman, Australia, Thailand, and Japan. For some reason unknown to me, the Roadblock allows the other team member to shout instructions, and just not to physically assist, so it's not really a Roadblock. When you're done, you run to the finish line. So basically, the entire two-hour finale is this task. All the navigating, the entire Japan leg, everything they did until the Denver airport doesn't count. It's just this task. Eric takes the Roadblock.

Eric starts with the Brazilian flag, which is correct. He then goes for the last place they were, which is Japan. BJ and Tyler approach in their cab. Tyler is still talking nonstop about nothing, trying to please the camera guys. "I smell Phil lurking in the shadows." They read the Roadblock clue. BJ takes it. Eric looks for Germany and Russia in that order, so he's got those two backwards. BJ, for his part, concludes that Russia isn't there at all, so he looks for Germany. Eric, on the other hand, has correctly identified the Russian flag; he just has it backwards with Germany. He goes for Australia next. BJ, meanwhile, puts Italy after Germany, so he's wrong, too. Tyler wails theatrically that the flags are "bringing back memories." And then, in my imagination, he turns and gives the camera a huge thumbs-up.

Ray and Yolanda search the history park for their clue. Forget them.

Eric and BJ both put Greece into their arrays next. Eric puts it in the right spot. BJ puts it too early, since he's still skipping Russia. So the situation is that Eric has six flags placed, and they're all correct except that Germany and Russia are flipped. BJ has four flags placed, and three of them are wrong as a result of the fact that he has concluded that the Russian flag isn't there. Eric next correctly identifies the flag of Oman. BJ grabs it as well. Eric now moves Greece to the wrong place, convincing himself that he needs to put Italy after, not before, Greece. Tyler continues his nonstop screaming as BJ puts Australia into his thing and goes for Thailand. Eric remembers Thailand, and he brings back the correct flag. Now, BJ and Tyler begin to realize that they're short a flag, so they've left something out. Eric completes his array, with two problems. Germany and Russia are switched; Italy and Greece are switched. He is told that he's incorrect. He cannot figure out what he has wrong. Meanwhile, on the little board they have showing all the flags, Tyler decides that he knows which one is the Russian flag, and he's correct. In case you've been wondering whether the show is trying to shove the magic of BJ and Tyler down your throat, they actually insert a yellow glow around the flag as Tyler identifies it. What is this, Pulp Fiction? I can decide whom I like without special effects, thank you very much.

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