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Unfortunately for Eric and Jeremy, they go backwards when Jeremy convinces Eric that the Thailand flag is actually Oman, so now they're totally fucked. Jeremy needs to not try to be the brains. Eric does now flip Germany and Russia, but now, there are still two things wrong. Thailand and Oman are now backwards; Greece and Italy are still backwards. Now, he flips Italy and Greece. So now, if he hadn't listened to Jeremy, he'd be done and they would win the money. He was perfectly capable of finishing fast enough to beat BJ, and he would have, had it been a regular Roadblock without kibitzing from teammates.

So BJ runs back with the Russian flag, and he puts them in order, and they're all right, so they can run for the finish line. And of course, the storyline here is supposed to be that greater intelligence wins out, which isn't what happened, because BJ and Eric both made mistakes, and had this been an actual Roadblock, Eric would probably have beaten him. But Jeremy talked him into a mistake, while Tyler was the one who told BJ which one was the Russian flag, and the whole thing is completely disheartening, but yes, they win. Cheer, cheer, hooray.

This is seriously the most unpleasant ending ever for me because not only do I really, really dislike both of them, but they weren't even remotely the best racers overall, nor were they the best racers in this leg. They were lucky enough to be good at the right task at the right time, and because the show is arranged the way it is, they get the money. The win is perfectly fair and perfectly legitimate, and it is indeed nice that there was a non-physical task, but it didn't really "come down to brains," as Phil said. Eric and Jeremy had plenty of brains (mostly Eric's), as evidenced by their repeated ability to find things and follow clues and see things directly in front of their faces. Eric had a couple of countries reversed; BJ didn't even think the Russian flag was there until Tyler told him. It doesn't really prove that anybody is "smarter," at least not because of that. BJ and Tyler raced very well, particularly early in the race, but they are also the luckiest team in the history of ever, because they fucked up repeatedly, far more than Eric and Jeremy did, but they fucked up things that the structure of the show removed from the equation. Which is fine; it isn't unfair, and it's happened every season. But it's not a meritocracy, nor were they consistently more intelligent than...well, Eric, anyway. Anyway, it's a very sour ending. Their self-conscious, self-indulgent childlike wonder makes me want to throw up, and the way that their alleged lovable-ness is being shoved down my throat kind of pisses me off, quality-of-show-wise. It's a more distasteful win to me than either Flo or Kendra, because at least neither of them sat around congratulating herself about what a fine human being she was, nor did the show try to make those women into something they weren't. It was unfortunate, but it didn't have the stench of propaganda, the way this does. There are no unicorns, there are no children on ponies, and there are no daisies blooming in meadows. It's not good over evil. It's just one obnoxious pair of guys beating a differently obnoxious pair of guys. One big Choad Family Reunion.

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