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And unicorns danced!

Tyler and BJ are shown asking directions in Japanese so that you can admire their ability to navigate 200 yards without help because they are honorary natives, adopted as always by an adoring world, not counting Stanford. They find the bikes and put them together. They bike off toward the first of their two buildings. Tyler thinks he's been to the building before, which is where his posturing begins to become a little less than believable. He...what, wandered into office buildings while walking through the country? Does he recognize that newsstand? That parking space? That fire hydrant? He and BJ ring the bells on the bikes as they go through the streets. More noise! More making your presence known! More merriment! More whimsy! I MUST HAVE MORE WHIMSY!

Ray and Yolanda? Still lost. Ray thinks that all the teams will have problems, and Yolanda thinks that nobody else is going to have their level of problems. Yeah, I think that she sort of recognizes the...order of magnitude issue better than he does. "We've got to do better than this," she says unhappily.

Back from commercials, Ray and Yolanda are lost some more, and when they stop to ask, they are told...some things that I guess they understand better than I do, given that even a skeptical Ray seems to think that the information they have received will get them moving toward where they need to be.

Eric and Jeremy haul the Maiden. They reach the end of the course and open the carrier, and -- what do you know? -- a girl pops out. As she is handed a cup of team, Eric comments, "This is like a naughty fantasy come true right here." At least he didn't miss what the show was going for, because...gee, Eric, do you think? They receive a clue telling them to go to the Capsule Land Hotel. As you know if you watch America's Next Top Model or if you are knowledgeable about the way international business travel operates in a way that I am not, people in Japan sometimes stay in hotels where, rather than having a room, you have a sort of enclosed bunk -- your "capsule" -- that you can choose to think of either as "cozy" or as "disturbingly similar to what it would be like to lie in a coffin." The teams will get their next clue at a hotel of this kind. Eric and Jeremy decide to look for a cab.

BJ and Tyler ding their bells and find the building where they deliver their first parcel. Ray and Yolanda, on the other hand, are not only still having navigation problems, but now they're arguing, and she's sort of randomly dissing him for being too "cool" and so forth. Things are not going well in that way that they never go well when you're spending way too much time navigating all over the place without any apparent hope for improvement in your situation, but at last, they find the garage and get their car parked. They get to the square, they miss the "Find Hachiko" thing and stare aimlessly at know the drill. It just wouldn't be fun if they saw the clue right away.

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