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And unicorns danced!

BJ and Tyler are still on their bikes. Ding ding! Might I suggest they should really be… Girls' Bikes? Because Gary Busey would have a good time with them, I think. Not to even mention Vince Neil. They ride into the second building. They get the signature for their second parcel and leave. It's like watching an actual bike messenger, only less interesting. They head back to the place where they picked up, and must return, the bikes.

Finally, Ray and Yolanda find the Hachiko clue, and then Hachiko himself, and then the scarf guy. They choose the Maiden Detour, because they are not in any sort of mood to ask for more directions or drive around Tokyo on bikes. I do not blame them, and I suspect the passersby of Tokyo appreciate the kind consideration. Elsewhere, Eric and Jeremy flag down a cab, but when they stop the guy, he doesn't know where the Capsule Land Hotel is. He does, however, know how to take them back to Shibuya, where the hotel is, so they decide to head back to the area. Their driver, however, is a champ, and he gets on the phone to find out where the hotel is. Heroic cab drivers: one of the race's great motifs. For their part, BJ and Tyler, still accompanied by that obnoxious Karate Kid II music, finish their Detour and get their clue. Tyler has to tell us once again how much fun he's having with this whole racing thing, since he figures that the more times he says it, the more genuine and natural it's bound to seem. Everything I really mean, I say to my friends six or eight times in exactly the same way.

Ray and Yolanda carry the Maiden. They appear not to get lost in the entire one-third-mile course.

Eric and Jeremy get to the hotel, and when they check in, they ask if they're first, and they are told that they are. That's good news, but it's another big mostly-bunch, and they are handed a pile of linens and a sign saying that their departure time in the morning is at 9:00 AM. When they get to the capsules, they realize what "capsule" means in this context, and to their credit, they mostly find the idea of sleeping in capsules kind of funny. Many forum posters saw a surprisingly literate reference to Sleeper in Jeremy's comment that he hopes not to wake up and find that it's 1972, but I'm not sure it's not fortuitous, since right before that, one of them refers to it as the "Time Capsule Hotel." I wouldn't put the reference past him, but he may just have fallen on it. Blind pigs and truffles, you know.

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