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Gone with the "1"

Back at the Dump, Sandy finally figures out to hit the "l" and finishes up. She comes out and Jeremy hops the porch rail, congratulating her on killing it. "I don't know what place we're in," he warns. They start puzzling out the numbers in the van. "It's like route coordinates or something," Sandy says. "We need to Google it." She's half right.

Ernie and Cindy spot the clue box standing in the vast, empty parking lot of Turner Field and run up to it. There's a big map behind them in the background. Like, a BIG map. An aerial shot shows it standing in the part of the parking lot that used to be the outfield of the old Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium (which we can see because the shape of the old diamond is painted on the asphalt, with a section of curved outer wall and a sign marking the landing spot of Hank Aaron's 715th homer also remaining). It's like a three-sided billboard structure with a world map on each side.

Phil tells us, "Working without any notes, teams now face a massive mental map challenge that has the potential to completely change the outcome of this race." Once again, Phil is exaggerating. As massive as the map might be, the mental challenge isn't, and the game-changing task happened in the beginning of the episode, not here at the end.

One partner will have to put on a climbing harness and scramble over the face of the map and, while the other is "screaming out instructions," must thread a rope through metal loops attached to each country. In this manner, they'll trace the route they've taken around the world. See? It's a live-action Amazing Red Line! After they're done, they'll get their "final clue."

Ernie and Cindy head on over to the three-sided billboard, which looks even bigger next to humans, and even bigger than that given that one of those humans is Cindy. A guide leads her up the ladder and, on the narrow platform at the base of the map, points her to the red rope sticking out of the edge of the map waaay over on the right edge, at the intersection of the Equator and the International Dateline. As the guide explains (and I already have), Cindy will have to "pass the rope through the country clip of your choice to plot your course." It's worth mentioning that the countries on this map aren't labeled, and they all seem to have clips on them. While waiting and watching fifty yards away or more, Ernie says he just hopes the other teams are struggling, since he hasn't seen them since leaving the flight simulator. Yeah, that's kind of the problem with this finale, isn't it? The map has three sides so all three teams could do it concurrently if they needed to, a good bit of planning that just shows how sad it is that they don't.

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