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I'm Ghana Git You Sucka

Fortunately for Kat, several minutes of commercials completely broke down that woman's sales resistance, and Kat's finally done, although she says she isn't quitting her day job " to become a Ghanaian professional sunglass seller." Maybe she could find a way to make her anesthesiologist skills translate? If she could just knock people out on the street, she wouldn't even need sunglasses to sell.

Brook comes down from the ceiling, soaked in sweat, but the TV signal is pretty snowy, so she has to go back outside and wiggle the antenna until it works. We see her in the background of the camera that's currently shooting Chad, several tin roofs away. "I don't know what I'm doing!" she hollers over to Chad, who has paused to watch. Has she tried kissing the antenna?

Rachel and Katie have found the Hello Coffin Showroom, because it's the store with a coffin shaped like a fuel tanker truck up on the windowless second floor. Now they just have to stop traffic to get across the busy street. You'd think there'd be a coffin Xing sign at this location.

Brook keeps fiddling with the antenna, and suddenly the picture comes in like someone changed a channel, which is the first of several signs that this task may not be as vérité as the show might like us to think. The owner's satisfied, so she can come down, and now all she and Claire have to do is get to the Pit Stop without losing their lead. Phil tells us that this leg's Pit Stop is Kaneshie Market, "one of the largest markets in all of West Africa." Because Makola was such a rinky-dink little operation. Specifically, they need to get to the footbridge that Phil's standing on while pedestrians flow past behind him in both directions. "The last team to check in here may be eliminated." But what does he mean by "here"? The mat's down on the ground below him! I'm confused.

Brook and Claire are just excited at being in first. But Katie and Rachel are in good shape too, untying their coffin and carrying it up the stairs to the showroom, where they get help setting it on a table and receive the clue sending them to Kaneshie Market.

Jonathan and Connor get to Peace Motor Spare Parts in fifth place and decide on "Tune In." They get the stuff, get to a house, and start assembling. Chad and Stephanie have things hooked up, but it looks like they have a bad connector that Chad has to fix. Good thing he's good with electronics. Michael mounts the ladder to attach his and Kevin's antenna to the house as Kevin interviews, "I'm really starting to value him more as a teammate." "As an equal teammate," Michael adds with a goofy laugh, which I'm starting to realize is actually his default laugh. They get a clear picture on the screen, and Kevin asks the homeowner, "Can we get the clue?" They're off to the Pit Stop in third place. Chad and Stephanie get a good picture, so they're officially in fourth as they get their last clue.

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