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Jenna breaks a ponytail holder in the cab, saying, "I don't think anyone's hair would be doing well right now." "Especially ours," Andie agrees. They interview about things they've discovered that they have in common, like being double-jointed (they hold up matching freaky hyper-extended index fingers) and "naturally frizzy hair" that they have to straighten. Have to? They certainly aren't doing it halfway. "Sorry about that," Andie says. A more immediate problem is that their driver doesn't seem to have a clear idea of where he's going. But neither does Gary and Mallory's, except that it's "far." That's not encouraging.

Thomas decides he and Jill will be moving the coffin, and they grab the big camera-casket, with the big lens sticking out the front and a flash attachment that looks pretty rickety. They get some pretty good knots going too, and as with the previous team, some locals help it up the ramp to the bridge and down the other side. "Good job, Jill," Thomas compliments his girlfriend, who managed not to get run over in the process.

Nick and Vicky are doing the antenna task in seventh place. Nat and Kat are pretty sure they're in the wrong place, because they seem to be pulling up to the Kofi Annan International Training Center. They ask a guard for directions, and get back on their way. That's some quality international training.

Brook is praying for first place as they get out of their cab at Kaneshie Market and start running around aimlessly. "Oh my God, Claire, he could be anywhere," Brook says. In fact, he's standing on the mat below the footbridge, next to a local greeter who has a bucket of fish balanced on her head. Katie and Rachel are also at the market, so we might have a race on our hands here. Both teams, each apparently unaware of the presence of the other, try to push through the crowds, but it's Brook and Claire who get to Phil first. "Welcome to Accra," the greeter says, and Phil tells them they're team number one, and they won a trip to Hawaii. Claire interviews, "We might come off as the ditzy la-la girls," and as we watch them dance on the mat, Brook says they're not going anywhere any time soon. Well, if they don't at least leave Accra, I don't think they'll last much longer in the race.

Katie and Rachel emerge from the crowd behind Phil and the greeter and jump onto the mat as team number two. I'm telling you, look out for those two.

Connor is up in the roof trying to adjust the antenna, but after cycling through some different stages of static, with and without color, they just give up. "Sorry we couldn't install your TV," Jonathan tells the owner. On their way out, he says hi to a kid and asks for a high five. And then for a low one. The kid leaves him hanging both times. He was hoping for some TV, I think.

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