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Michael and Kevin arrive as team number three, so not bad at all. And with Kevin still wearing his safety glasses, even.

Jill, Thomas, and their two local helpers get the coffin-cam up the stairs to the showroom, Jill reminding them, "One step at a time. It's hard when you're in a hurry." They get their clue in fifth place. I think it's safe to say that the Express Pass will not be used during this leg.

Chad and Stephanie loudly excuse themselves through the crowd around the mat and arrive in fourth place. They're pretty happy about it, and I agree that it's a pretty big jump up from eighth. And this was a much harder place to find Phil in than last week's Pit Stop.

Team @ asks their driver about Peace Motor, but he's never heard of it, apparently. Probably because it's so peaceful. Gary and Mallory's driver admits that he thinks they should go back. Both cabbies stop for directions, which is when Andie and Jenna come up behind them and see them. What are the chances of three teams getting lost on the exact same road? Of course, I don't know how many roads Accra has, so maybe those chances are one in one. Andie and Jenna also have their driver stop for directions, which they don't even fully have before they see that Gary and Mallory's river is turning around. Nat and Kat will be following them, as will Andie and Jenna.

After the ads, Jenna asks their driver if he knows where they're going now. He assures them the does. "Okay. Sweet," Jenna says, as sweetly as she can manage.

Jonathan and Connor are running down the street behind a different kid. "And a chilled shall lead us!" Jonathan dorks. They make it to Emmanuel's Woodshop and choose a fish-shaped coffin, which they sort if crash into a lion-shaped coffin on their way out. Fortunately the guys in the yard laugh rather than get offended at this shoddy treatment of their work. Connor remarks on how a human being would fit inside such an oddly-shaped casket and adds, "I guess if you really like fish you're sleeping with the fishes." What, he was going to not say it?

Gary and Mallory have reached PMSP and opt for Tune In. Team @ are doing Check Out. Vicky coaches Nick through getting the antenna aligned, and they're good to go. I'm starting to be concerned about the broadcast entertainment options available to Ghanaian viewers; it seems to be nothing but tribal dances and rituals. Not even a Friends rerun in sight.

Jill and Thomas get out of their cab at Kaneshie market and are surprised to find themselves in sight of the mat as soon as they step onto the sidewalk. They're team number five. And they still have the Express Pass!

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