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Gary's nailing an antenna to a shack, while Team @ is loading a lobster-shaped coffin onto the a wagon with surgical knots. Up ahead, Connor and Jonathan are struggling with the fish-coffin, bashing the nose of it into someone's car window (luckily the window was open, but unluckily the car was occupied) and then causing a traffic snarl trying to get it across the road. Andie and Jenna have finally reached PMSP in last place and are going for the coffin task. Connor and Jonathan are now delivering theirs.

Team @ is running down the road with their coffin, and suddenly Nat jerks right for some reason, running over Kat with the wagon. She's okay, through, so they can keep going rather than having Nat pull the coffin alone with Kat inside it.

Mallory screams and hugs the guy they just got TV for, so they're off to the Pit Stop in eighth place. Team @ gets their lobster-coffin up the stairs to the showroom and are headed for the pit stop in 9th place. Andie and Jenna deliver their coffin next, so now there's nothing left but the race to the Pit Stop for five teams.

The first of those, Nick and Vicky, are immobile in a traffic jam. Jonathan and Connor, similarly becalmed, ask their driver if he can pass. He ignores them. Wisely, they don't repeat the request in song. Mallory and Gary are also in a parking lot, as is Team @. But then Nat and Kat's driver puts his car into gear, and the next thing you know, they're zooming along between the lane they were stuck in and oncoming traffic, in a space that doesn't look nearly wide enough. Maybe it looks safer on a widescreen TV. They pass the singers, remarking, "We just passed our little brothers." "How did that happen?" Jonathan wonders over their new subtitle, "Currently in 8th place." Traffic does seem to have loosened up. Next thing you know, Nick and Vicky are in eighth place, having been passed by the doctors and the singers. In the back, Mallory is saying they've got to still be in it. "We can't be eliminated." Andie and Jenna are in last place, and Jenna tells their driver, "All right, Gideon, save us." Gideon is driving with one thumb permanently clamped on the horn button.

Jonathan thinks they can beat the doctors in a footrace, as if there's going to be a footrace at the crowded market, and asks their driver to pass that Team @ cab that's directly ahead of them. But the @s' driver is every bit the daredevil the singers' is. "We're not complaining, as long as we're not dying," Jonathan says, as Connor literally bites his fist in terror next to him. Up ahead of them, Nat can't even look any more. Jonathan says, "Our taxi driver, and the taxi driver ahead of us have just invented a third lane--GASP!" They even gasp in harmony. An oncoming car is turning left in front of them, and they nearly crash. "I want my mom," Connor says "I'm just so proud that I haven't soiled myself." The two teams get to the market at about the same time, but Jonathan and Connor hit the mat first. "I love the fish," Connor tells the greeter. Phil has them move aside so Nat and Kat can join them, and they're teams six and seven respectively. Hope they tipped their drivers well.

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